US$50 Million Luis Meléndez Masterpiece Embarks on Global Tour with the Global Family Support Foundation to Celebrate and Empower Young Autistic Artists

April 18 18:50 2024
US$50 Million Luis Meléndez Masterpiece Embarks on Global Tour with the Global Family Support Foundation to Celebrate and Empower Young Autistic Artists

In a groundbreaking partnership that celebrates the intersection of artistic heritage and community enrichment, the owner of an exquisite 18th-century painting attributed to Spanish painter Luis Meléndez has teamed up with the Global Family Support Foundation. This collaboration not only highlights a significant artistic discovery but also promotes inclusivity and diversity in the arts through the Autistic Creative Mind Program.

Discovered beneath a still life, an X-ray revealed a hidden painting of a male figure cradling a child, initially valued at around US$50 million. Expert evaluations now speculate that its worth could soar to US$100 million. This canvas, originally purchased over fifty years ago for just US$4,000 from an antique store in São Paulo’s Bixiga neighborhood, represents a profound enigma in the art world.

Douglas Quintale, the art expert overseeing the examination, emphasized the diligence applied during the investigation phase, ensuring the painting’s authenticity and legal provenance with more than 50 institutions. “Our commitment is first to the integrity of the artwork,” Quintale stated.

Following its confirmation as legitimate, the painting underwent detailed physical, chemical, and aesthetic analyses. “The painting exhibits a firm technique reminiscent of Meléndez yet introduces innovative elements, such as a hanging rod not typical of his usual compositions,” noted Quintale. The restoration process revealed further surprises, including a second hidden painting, which emerged during a delicate removal of previous restorations.

Raul Carvalho, the restorer, shared insights into the dual-layered canvas. “We discovered exceptional quality in the underlying artwork, making it a rare and delicate treasure of historical art,” Carvalho explained. The decision was made to preserve both layers intact, given the significant risk of damage associated with separation.

This collaboration between the artwork’s owner and the Global Family Support Foundation facilitates the masterpiece’s exhibition in renowned museums worldwide, leveraging this opportunity to highlight young autistic artists’ works. The “Autistic Creative Mind” initiative by the GFS Foundation serves as a platform for these artists to showcase their talents, share their narratives, and connect with peers.

The program celebrates the unique perspectives and abilities of autistic individuals, fostering an environment of mutual inspiration and support. “By sharing this masterpiece globally, we aim not only to honor Meléndez’s legacy but also to inspire a new generation of artists within the autism community,” said Francis Stark, spokesperson for the Global Family Support Foundation.

The painting’s tour will not only allow art aficionados to enjoy a rediscovered Meléndez but also bring attention to the creative potential within the autistic community, encouraging appreciation for diversity and inclusivity in the arts.

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