Special Feature on Korean Cosmetic OEM and ODM, CP COSMETIC: A Cosmetic Development Specialist That Explores Beyond Borders

December 05 22:54 2023

CP COSMETIC aims to collaborate with outstanding research institutions both domestically and internationally, focusing on developing patented ingredients, formulation technologies, and R&D excellence with a global perspective, in the cosmetics industry. 

CP COSMETIC, established in 2010, has been expanding its presence in the global cosmetics OEM/ODM market, leveraging its unmatched competitive edge in cosmetics research and development (R&D).

This cosmetic development specialist company has been supplying unique and high-quality products to numerous domestic and international clients using patented ingredients and formulation technologies developed through collaborations with leading research institutions.

Since its inception, CP COSMETIC has been recognized for its functional cosmetics development and product development capabilities, initially making headway into the Japanese market. The company has continually embarked on new challenges and advancements, such as pioneering the Hong Kong market through patented ingredient development and entering the organic cosmetics market with Korean organic products.

A key strength of CP COSMETIC lies in its ability to provide a comprehensive range of services tailored to client needs, encompassing brand development, raw materials for cosmetics, product manufacturing, quality control, and import/export operations. 

CP COSMETIC offers a wide range of products, including skincare, organic, vegan, makeup, cleansing, hair and body care, and aesthetic programs. These products are distributed through various channels, including online and offline malls, select shops, aesthetic chains, hospitals, and TV home shopping, offering complete process services from design to QA, customized to the diverse quality and specifications desired by client companies.

The company distinguishes itself by conducting R&D to meet even the most demanding specifications typically challenging for standard OEM companies. This approach highlights CP COSMETIC’s technological prowess as a specialist in cosmetic development. 

Innovation at CP COSMETIC is evident in its relentless research and development of functional bio-materials, securing unique ingredients not attempted by other companies, thus advancing closer to consumer needs with effective and stable formulations. Additionally, the company provides efficient and prompt document services, benefiting from extensive business experience with foreign enterprises.

Recognized for such capabilities, CP COSMETIC currently develops and supplies over 300 types of products to client companies in various countries, including Japan, Hong Kong, the GCC countries, Italy, Singapore, and the USA. The company’s recent establishment of a new factory in 2023 has enabled more stable and swift service provision.

CP COSMETIC, which recently renamed itself from Color Pink R&D, continues to strive for customer satisfaction, prioritizing product development and service provision.



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