Xelf.ai Launches First-Ever AI-Powered Platform for Direct and Personal Conversations between Fans and Stars

September 06 08:20 2023
The platform is harnessing the power of AI to revolutionize the social media experience by engaging stars and fans in a fun-filled way

Xelf.ai is pleased to announce the launch of its groundbreaking website which offers a platform for fans to engage with their favorite stars and influencers. The innovative platform is the first-ever AI-powered platform that allows real stars and creators to interact with fans, providing an unprecedented level of engagement and connection.

The world has been hit by a wave of AI technological trends. Several platforms built with AI technology have been launched in the last year and there’s more in development. One benefit of AI that has directly impacted its growth and popularity is the ease and convenience it offers. This is the underlying benefit stars and fans stand to gain from using Xelf.ai.

Unlike most platforms where users create fake stars and parody accounts, Xelf.ai aims to provide an enabling environment for real stars to sign up on a platform where they can interact with their fans without having to do so directly. The AI platform is designed to remember each user’s info and can be trained to engage in a deep level of conversation and connection. Chats on Xelf.ai are 100% private and the platform does not record downtimes.

Interestingly, creators can earn money from Xelf.ai as the platform offers commission-based usage. Creators get 70% of the commission generated from using Xelf.ai while the 30% goes back to the company. To join the platform, individuals simply need to sign up. Once accepted, they will be elevated to the status of a creator. As creators, they can then input their personal information, secrets, or any other content they wish onto their dedicated AI page. When their fans subscribe, the AI version will engage in personalized chats, remembering each subscriber individually.

Creators have the flexibility to modify and update their information as often as they’d like. Initially, the focus is on chat interactions, but there are ambitious plans to take it to the next level. This includes AI capabilities for sending photos or videos and even making calls. However, the approach is gradual, especially since the platform collaborates with real stars and creators. The priority is to ensure their satisfaction, and adjustments will be made based on their feedback.

The platform is designed to be a secure and convenient way for people to connect with one another through AI, prioritizing the needs of the creators every step of the way. Influencers, TikTokers, YouTubers, Vloggers, Models, actors, TV show hosts, comedians, public personalities, and anyone who has to interact with a lot of fans will benefit immensely from the use of Xelf.ai.

For more information and to sign up for Xelf.ai, please visit www.xelfai.com.

About Xelf.ai

Xelf.ai is a leading technology company specializing in artificial intelligence solutions for the entertainment industry. Their groundbreaking platform enables direct and personal conversations between fans and stars, powered by advanced AI technology. With a vision to revolutionize fan-celebrity interactions, Xelf.ai is committed to providing an immersive and authentic experience for users worldwide.

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