Subfliq: Against the Grain Marketing and Sales Tactics That Generate Millions for Education Influencers

September 01 01:24 2023
Subfliq is revolutionizing the way education influencers market and sell their services. With a focus on private coaching, an engaged community, and valuable courses, Subfliq helps content creators maximize their profits with practical advice and proven strategies.

Marketing is a crucial service for any type of business or individual trying to build a customer or follower base. For influencers specifically, many of the mainstream marketing tactics, even from digital marketing agencies, don’t work. The attention and specific details they need as they build a digital reputation, brand deals, and loyal followers require an experienced and specialized hand, not the same cookie-cutter strategies applied across the board for any business.  

“Many of the marketing tactics promoted today simply don’t work because they all look the same and are promoted in a saturated market,” says Subfliq, a boutique marketing firm specializing in social media influencers’ needs. “We provide the knowledge and experience to meet and exceed your expectations with the proven strategies behind digital marketing funnels and sales teams.”  

What Subfliq offers its clients 

At Subfliq, they understand that content creators and influencers need attention that other marketing agencies can’t provide. They are a boutique marketing agency focusing on building its clients’ brands and increasing their revenue from courses and mentorship programs. With this small team, clients will get the personal attention and support they need in order to succeed. That’s because Subfliq’s mission is empowering influencers to scale their businesses exponentially, unveiling untapped revenue streams.  

The team provides influencers with the tools they need to succeed through marketing, sales, or a combination of both. They specialize in helping their clients build out their brands while increasing pricing through private coaching, an engaged community, and valuable courses.  

This talented team has generated over $25 million for their clients, averaging over 200% growth month-over-month. Because their services are entirely focused on influencer-specific marketing and digital content needs, clients know that all the information they’re receiving applies to them and their needs. This confidence will allow them to move forward with a business-changing strategy.  


Subfliq is committed to transforming any influencer’s brand into an unstoppable force in the market by providing them with tailored solutions designed specifically for their business needs. Whether creating digital funnels or setting up sales teams, Subfliq will help its clients identify opportunities while offering practical advice so they can reach their goals faster than ever before.  

At Subfliq, they believe in going against the grain when it comes to marketing tactics that can generate millions for education influencers. Anyone looking to work with Subfliq will be treated to a free audit call to review their current strategy and where it might be lacking. This call is the first step to making fundamental changes and real progress in a competitive field that needs a unique and passionate approach.  

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