Gamers Unite: ArchLoot Vietnam Launch Party Ignited Excitement for Latest Tech-Savvy Release And It Spreaded

March 14 15:38 2023

March 14, 2023 – Singapore – ArchLoot, the highly anticipated web3 game, celebrated its official launch party in Vietnam on February 28, 2023. The event was attended by a diverse group of professional e-sports players, game enthusiasts, and industry insiders. Core members of the team welcomed the attendees and gave an overview of the game, highlighting its unique features, including the use of NFTs and its immersive gameplay. The team also shared the initial stories of devising the product and expressed their ambition and potential to revolutionize the gaming industry with their innovative ideas. With the event officially kicking off the open beta test, there were immediately over 1,000 gamers participating in the game within the next 12 hours.

Industrial-level Outlook

The panel discussion was an informative and engaging session, where experts in the gaming and blockchain industries shared their insights on the future of web3 games. The discussion focused on the potential of NFTs in gaming and how ArchLoot’s interactive NFT technology is paving the way for a new era of gaming. The panellists included Mary Tran, co-founder of Orochi Network, Khai Huynh, a web2-turned-web3 marketer and advisor, powering projects like Ather Labs, Coin 98, Earn Alliance & Beowulf Blockchain, Patrick Dang, founder of The Parallax Media, and Astrid Dang, CPO at KardiaChain.

They tapped into various debatable topics about the GameFi industry and had the consensus that it has never been a more promising vertical in the web3 space, especially with new projects providing quality products like ArchLoot. The team emphasized that Vietnam was chosen because of its well-educated crypto market. Backed by interactive NFT technology, players can explore a vast open world filled with dangerous monsters, and challenging quests, all while building and customizing their own characters and equipment.

Testimonials From The Professional Gamers

The opening ceremony was a spectacular display of lights, music, and excitement. The ArchLoot team welcomed the attendees and gave an overview of the game, highlighting its unique features, including the use of NFTs and its immersive gameplay. Among them was a special group of e-sports players. A total of 6 groups of teams tried out the UGC monster assembling upfront the party, which arouse concentrated attention on social media. During the party, these teams competed with each other to experience the innovative ideas of the product first-hand.

Nguyễn Văn Kha, from the Drama Team, said, “ArchLoot is a really good game, with nice PvP combat, and the ability to customize your avatar and talents to match your style. It’s a very fascinating and enjoyable game.”

Sầm Thư Nhã Uyên, from the BPB team, said, “The game provides great MOBA gameplay, but it still needs to be improved; it is a little laggy on Android and its eye-catching graphics could be using more colour options for avatar designs.”

Lê Minh Thoại, from the SAD team, said, “Attractive and creative gameplay, lovely graphics, low download time and it can compatible with any phone.”

“We’re thrilled to officially launch ArchLoot and introduce gamers around the world to the exciting world of web3 gaming,” said the CEO of ArchLoot, Jonathan Ubavicius. “We believe that the UGC elements in ArchLoot represent the future of user-driven web3 gaming, and we’re excited to see how global players will embrace the unique features and opportunities that our game offers.”

After the launching party, players got the opportunity to experience the game’s early stages in the Open Beta Test. There are several guilds that have formed large groups in the game

As the ecosystem continues to grow and evolve, the developers are committed to providing players with a truly unique and engaging gaming experience. ArchLoot will be poised to become a more important player in the world of web3 gaming.

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