Sprouter Revolutionizes Product Labeling with Smart QR Codes and NFC at Trade Shows

March 14 04:09 2023

Sprouter, the ultimate solution for QR codes, has unveiled its latest innovation in product labeling with smart QR codes. Every product needs a QR code on its label, and brands that are not using QR codes on their labels are out of touch. With the rise of digital technology, having a digital presence is critical to engage with customers and stay relevant. Sprouter’s QR codes make it easy for brands to have a digital presence and take advantage of missed opportunities.

Customers can scan the Sprouter’s smart QR codes on labels to access product information, ingredients, and nutrition facts. Sprouter’s QR codes are easy to use, and in just seconds, brands can sign up and download a QR code for their smart label.

Sprouter has made a big presence at trade shows and on the shelf, especially in the food industry, which tends to have a large diversity in demographics. All brands need a smart QR code for their trade shows, and Sprouter’s QR codes are the best solution.

Randy’s Pickles and 3 Elisabeths are two of the many brands that use Sprouter’s smart QR codes. Both brands have products inside Whole Foods and have seen the benefits of using QR codes on their labels.

Sprouter has also introduced NFC (Powered by Sorouter) capabilities at the Fancy Food & Now Expo West tradeshows. Customers can engage with brands and push content by simply tapping their NFC-powered business cards.

Sprouter Pro Release will be the latest update coming soon that includes Ecommerce integration, more analytics, more social media features and capabilities, and better customization. Customers can subscribe to Sprouter for just $10 a month, and they can use Sprouter’s QR codes for menus, products, digital advertising, social media posting, and even artists’ link in bio.

Sprouter is changing the game for product labeling and digital technology, and brands that want to stay relevant and engage with customers need to use Sprouter’s smart QR codes.

For more information visit: https://getsprouter.com/.

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