Move up and stay ahead with VeroSkills, the learning platform that provides a gateway to the tech industry for underserved individuals

March 13 15:06 2023

“Our mission is to address the global tech talent deficit by providing underserved individuals with training in software engineering.”

The tech landscape has changed dramatically and continues to experience massive shifts, making it difficult for people to keep up with the changes. The rapid evolution of space has unleashed a global talent deficit as pressure to keep up grows. VeroSkills, a tech learning, recruitment and community platform, is excited to unveil its learning platform, helping bridge the gap and opening doors to the tech world for underserved individuals. 

VeroSkills’ learning platform offers on-demand training in software engineering. The platform aims to deliver a more intuitive and streamlined learning experience to ensure students are equipped with the skills they need to make it in the tech industry. With an established team, partners, and tutors, VeroSkills is helping students overcome barriers that make the tech industry out of reach for many people and closing the talent gap.

In addition to providing in-depth training, VeroSkills offers support and mentorship for students. The platform leverages student feedback to tailor its training and support to the unique needs of each student. According to VeroSkills, the best way to learn in any space is through practical, on-demand training from experienced professionals. “We provide underserved students access to on-demand training and mentoring by top industry professional software developers who work for the biggest companies in the world.”

VeroSkills also offers a direct channel that allows recruiters to engage and hire students and tutors from the platform. VeroSkills is committed to being a game-changer in the tech industry by opening up a diverse talent pool and making a direct impact. Being part of the VeroSkills community contributes to filling the existing talent shortage in the tech industry. VeroSkills partners with organizations that understand student challenges in the tech landscape. With these challenges in mind, VeroSkills tailors its training and mentorship to solve these issues.

VeroSkills is well-positioned to become a leading learning platform in the rapidly growing global tech landscape. The platform’s distinct approach to tech training and mentorship for the underserved is set to close the global talent gap in tech.

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