AIZENIT: A Way of Life Enriched with AI for Everyday Work-Life Efficiency

March 13 14:27 2023
A way of life enriched with AI for everyday work-life efficiency.

Colin Thirunesam, CEO / Principal Co-Founder of AIZENIT, has grown since its inception in 2020 and has achieved several significant milestones, including the availability of two hallmark Artificial Intelligence (AI) based products’ GENIEAZ’ and ‘ACCURAI’ which are available in the market.

“We aim to service the worldwide market with our AI-based solutions, where one of its main pillars, the Global Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) industry, is expected to reach USD 5.2 billion by 2027 at a CAGR of 37.5%,” Thirunesam states.

“Furthermore, I am proud that AIZENIT is among the top AI-based startups from the United Kingdom, which is ranked among multiple top startup lists on Crunchbase,” he adds.

Although everyone is focusing on Generative AI, AIZENIT envisions a future in which people’s work lives may be enriched with the power of AI, fostering growth and efficiency for both individuals and businesses. 

According to AIZENIT, Industries, and organizations worldwide spend time and money on manual data entry and challenges associated with extracting data from their documents. AIZENIT uses AI to tackle complicated challenges for organizations and corporations. These repetitive operations are completed with greater quality and in less time.

AIZENIT’s solutions are employed in daily work for fast-paced enterprises, which implies:

–  Higher accuracy when extracting data.
–  Fast processing of hundreds of documents.
–  Minimal Human input.
–  Enhanced document and data processing productivity.
–  Improved data security and compliance standards being maintained.

AIZENIT’s founders have decades of domain experience in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Accounting, and Finance. AIZENIT recognizes the value of its team of passionate professionals that believe in delivering the finest that the industry has to offer through the power of AI. They take pride in an open-to-learn culture, fostering dynamic skill absorption among team members. They are committed to knowing their consumers’ needs and focusing on offering value.

AIZENIT provides professionals with AI-powered solutions by capturing data, precisely interpreting it, and exporting it to their chosen existing software systems and platforms. Its cloud-based AI platform ‘GENIEAZ‘ assists in efficiently extracting data from invoices, receipts, and other financial documents, and ‘ACCURAI‘ helps businesses from diverse industry verticals to build their own Artificial Intelligence based Document Processing and automation systems and integrate that into internal and external organizations’ respective software systems.

AIZENIT believes in assisting individuals and businesses in their progress via the application of Intelligent Automation and Efficiency through Interconnectivity. They see a future in which every company that formerly relied on human data input and outsourced labor would shift to AI-based automation solutions, saving significant money and resources.

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