World Traveler Cihan Tuna Arslan Shares His Journey with Cryptocurrency

March 11 07:42 2023

Cihan Tuna Arslan, a world traveling educator and engineer, has made a statement about himself, his life journey and how money has become vital in the age of developing technology and information. He emphasizes that “Cryptocurrency is not money as it is known, but encrypted digital assets that are not dependent on any central authority and have a limited supply. This makes it a world-changing invention in creating a free and reliable money market without succumbing to inflation”.

About Cryptocurrency

Arslan says that “Cryptocurrency is not to be understood as regular money, but as encrypted digital assets. It differs from banknotes in that it is not tied to any central authority, and has a limited supply”. He also said that “Governments can print money as they wish, but there is a limited amount of cryptocurrency that can be generated. This makes it a valuable digital asset, protected by encryption algorithms, and not connected to any center like gold”.

Arslan’s Journey with Cryptocurrency

Arslan’s journey with cryptocurrency started in December 2015, when he was first introduced to the concept. Initially, he dismissed it as a bubble and was opposed to it. However, after 75 days of research, he realized he had to be involved in the business and made his first investment in February 2016. He had his first $1 million earnings at the age of 28.

Differences between Cryptocurrencies

Regarding the differences between the cryptocurrencies, Arslan states that; “There are currently around 12,000 cryptocurrencies in the market, each with its own differences in speed and security. The most preferred reason for investment is the profit opportunities it provides”.

Cryptocurrency as an Investment tool

There is no certainty in any investment instrument, including cryptocurrency. It is a high-risk market and the situation and conditions should be evaluated well before making any investment. Cihan Tuna Arslan says “The world of cryptocurrencies is active and those who evaluate the market correctly can become millionaires in short periods. However, each cryptocurrency may be affected by various factors and may increase or decrease periodically. It is not wise to simply buy the cheapest cryptocurrency and wait for it to rise, as there is a risk of similar declines. It is important to understand the business and take steps calmly. The winners are those who dare to take the risks”.

Cihan Tuna Arslan describes himself and his life journey as follows; “I am 34 years old engineer, writer, and educator who has traveled to many countries in pursuit of understanding the wonders of the world. I am trying to combine my love for nature with my expertise in modern technology to create unique insights and experiences. With my travels to over 65 countries, I aim to understand how different societies perceive the information taught to them and find the purpose of human existence”.

The young entrepreneur, known for his sector-oriented seminar sheld in more than 20 countries and the “Follower Meeting Events” he organized in Europe for Turkish students who have never had the chance to go abroad, stated that his most important goal is to make 40 of his followers millionaires.

Cihan Tuna Arslan continues his words;“The perception of opportunities as intimidating is common among those who are inexperienced. However, successful experts today achieved their status by embracing challenges and stepping out of their comfort zone”.

Cihan Tuna Arslan also says, “Think of me as a swimming instructor who wants to teach that you can’t learn to swim without getting into the water. My goal is to help people understand that the water is not as scary as they may think once they dive in. Remember, sometimes just taking the first step is enough to succeed, as the buoyancy of the water can carry you. The key is to have the bravery to take the step and enter the water.”

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