This woman is changing the way creativity is marketed with her fast-growing company: Magnificent LLC

March 11 07:36 2023

In the years that led up to the opening of her agency in 2019, Symone Smith of New Orleans, felt frustrated by seeing a global boom of ecom marketing agencies, while many seemed to shy away from prioritizing creativity as the forefront of their mission.

She realized the options for a ‘one-stop creative agency’ to help bring brands to the forefront of the endlessly competitive ecom world was lacking majorly. A hole in the market that Smith just couldn’t wait to jump on.

Magnificent Llc serves clients, specializing in finding creative solutions to provide companies, large and small, with increased B2B sales.

Large corporate companies, skyrocketing to success, often struggle to find fresh ideas in their marketing tactics. As they are tied into business growth, they tend to lose sight of their creativity in the process.

Magnificent Llc’s mission is to inject a dose of creative brand enhancement to ensure companies not only survive their growth, but thrive within it.

‘We are seeing the way the world responds to brands that make an effort to stand out. Brands that put time and energy into their creative processes. This can become difficult to prioritize as growth occurs.’ ‘We created Magnificent to aid business owners in ensuring their creativity is well looked after. We’re passionate about helping clients to rediscover their creative voice’ said Symone Smith.

When clients begin working with Symone Smith’s agency, the first step they collectively take is to find the distinctive strengths of each business, thus creating a customized success plan.

‘Our mission is to ensure we are always standing alongside our clients to guide them through the minefields of modern business, and help them keep up the pace in the fast-changing marketing world’ Symone Smith proudly spoke.

Are you ready to change the future of your brand? Visit to begin working with Magnificent.

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