9-year-old Malik Guhdar makes waves as he paves the way for the next generation of digital creators and influencer

January 20 22:27 2023
Kids are capable of so many things. Who knew one day they would be capable and responsible for multimillionaire brands to target their audience on social media? Malik Guhdar, a young influencer from Iraq, is making headway as a brand ambassador, content creator, and more.

Malik Guhdar, the son of entrepreneur Guhdar Kestay, is a 9-year-old actor and kid Influencer from Iraq who has made global headway for an early potential career opportunity for himself. He is a digital content creator on social media who knows how to connect with his audience.

School-goer Malik Guhdar brings together new and inspiring voices on contemporary kids’ fashion, art, sports, video games, and his love for animals. He presents work that is distinguished by its quality, originality, and creativity.

Even though brands are using Malik Guhdar for their younger audience, the target audience, which is kids, is ardently consuming his content. 

“The products that these brands are manufacturing or promoting are ultimately going to be used by kids but the purchasing power lies in the hands of their parents. So basically, even though the products are targeted towards kids, the marketing is targeted towards their parents,” says Guhdar Kestay, father of Malik Guhdar.

The content produced by Malik Guhdar is monitored and ideated by his father – Guhdar Kestay. Being a kid in this digital generation, Malik is tech-savvy and knows how to operate mobile devices and access the internet. However, the decision to create and consume content lies in his parents’ hands.

Malik Guhdar’s parents themselves serve as the managers of the young influencer

“To become a social media influencer at such a young age means being exposed to the world at a very early phase in life. Hence, parental guidance is of high importance,” says Guhdar Kestay.

If people are tired of watching the same content over and over again on social media, they can find inspiration from Malik Guhdar’s account. At such a young age, he is highly talented, fun, and full of great ideas. His content is a go-to for those who need some help with getting their creative juices flowing.

At such a young age, the kid influencer has already achieved many heights already. He did this by creating a wide variety of content on his platform. He has a range of videos that provides viewers with informational content. He also tries out new trends, and shares some hacks with his viewers, making him an exciting personality to follow. 

With his collection of exotic animals, he is also known as the ‘Animal Boy’ and has been invited to many international platforms for interviews and fun shows. From toy reviews to easy DIYs, this talented kid has got people covered.

The nine-year-old influencer currently has numerous contracts, photo shoots, reshoots, brand approvals, and posting audience engagement. However, while he enjoys the perks of fame, he also has his limits.

If Malik feels unhappy with a type of activity on social media, he doesn’t do it, and his father fully supports him.

“If he is unhappy, it’s not going to work.” says Guhdar Kestay. “It can be damaging to their self-esteem or in the future.”

With over 62.6K followers on Instagram, Malik Guhdar is an absolute delight to follow. His content is fun, light-hearted, and everything people need after a long day at work! Whether they have kids of their own or not, Malik Guhdar is a talented little human to check out. He can be followed at https://www.instagram.com/malik_guhdar/?igshid=YWJhMjlhZTc= on Instagram, https://web.facebook.com/guhdar.dk?_rdc=1&_rdr on Facebook, https://twitter.com/MalikGuhdar on Twitter, and https://peoplepill.com/people/malik-guhdar/ on TikTok.

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