The Canadavisa-Online team announced to offering Canada visas service.

January 19 14:50 2023

canadavisa-online is pleased to announce that it has been selected as one of the Top 10 Immigration Sites by the Canadian Government.This prestigious award is a testament to our commitment to providing high quality information and services to our clients. We are honoured to be recognized by the Canadian Government and we will continue to work hard to provide the best possible experience for our clients.


The Canadian government has announced that it will be waiving the visa requirements for Chilean citizens as of April 1st, 2017. This change will allow Chilean citizens to enter Canada for up to six months without a visa.This is great news for Chilean citizens looking to visit family or friends in Canada, or those seeking to explore this beautiful country. For more information on how to apply for a Canadian visa, please visit canadavisa-online.


Hong Kong citizens can now apply for a Canada visa online! The new system is designed to make the process simpler and faster for those looking to travel to Canada.With the new online application, applicants will no longer need to submit paper forms or supporting documents. Instead, they can simply fill out the form and upload any required supporting materials electronically.The online application will also allow applicants to track the status of their visa application, making it easier to stay up-to-date on the latest information.


The Government of Canada has announced that Croatia is now included in the list of countries eligible for the Canada Visa. This means that Croatian citizens can now apply for a visa to enter Canada.This is great news for those looking to visit family or friends in Canada, or for those who want to explore this beautiful country. With a Canada Visa, Croatian citizens will be able to stay in Canada for up to six months.If you are a Croatian citizen and you are interested in applying for a Canada Visa, please visit our website at


Czech citizens can now apply for a Canada visa online through The website offers a streamlined application process and provides all the resources needed to ensure a successful application.Visas are available for both tourist and business purposes, and can be applied for directly through the website. Applicants will simply need to fill out an online form and submit supporting documents.canadavisa-online is committed to helping Czech citizens obtain their Canada visas as quickly and easily as possible. We provide clear instructions and guidance every step of the way, so that applicants can confidently submit their applications.


The canadavisa-online website is now offering Denmark citizens the ability to apply for a Canadian visa online.The website provides a simple and convenient way for Denmark citizens to apply for a Canadian visa, and offers a range of services to make the process as easy and straightforward as possible.canadavisa-online is committed to providing the best possible service to Denmark citizens looking to apply for a Canadian visa, and we are proud to offer this new service to our customers.

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