HR23+® Hair Loss Treatment Reduces Baldness and Thinning Hair in 9 out of 10 People

January 17 19:21 2023
Thousands of men and women are getting on top of hair loss, both safely and effectively, with HR23+® – a non-medical solution that works at the root cause of baldness.

Hair loss affects around two thirds of men by the age of 40, and around half of women by the same age. Unfortunately, the issue worsens and becomes a lot more common with age.

There isn’t a cure for hair loss, but there are some treatments that can help reduce excessive hair shedding, and support the function of healthy hair growth. The problem is, most treatments are either very expensive, or come with the risk of negative side-effects.

Hair transplants can cost anything in the region of $5,000-$20,000, depending on the patient, and the number of procedures needed, whereas medications such as Propecia (finasteride) and Rogaine (minoxidil) can give adverse effects.

Baldness cannot be reversed; therefore, hair loss prevention is the key. The sooner the issue is addressed, the more hair will be retained, for longer. This is why it is important to tackle hair loss during its infancy.

Treating hair loss in any sort of capacity, both safely and effectively, is no easy task, but one finely developed treatment has made that possible.

Made and developed in the United Kingdom, HR23+® Hair Restoration Supplement is Europe’s leading non-medical solution for baldness and thinning hair.

This winning supplement contains a key blend of DHT blocking agents and hair growth promoters that combine to deliver less hair fall, and more hair growth.

HR23+® has proved to be effective in minimising excessive hair fall, as well as supporting and stimulating the growth and activity of hair cells. Records show that 9 out of 10 people noticed visible improvements in their hair within just three months of taking this treatment.

What’s more, HR23+® is not a medication, which means there are no risks of the negative side-effects that are associated with potentially harmful hair loss medications. So, thinning hair can be treated, without the need to compromise on one’s health or wellbeing.

On the market for eight years, and shipped to over 80 countries worldwide, this product’s longevity, success rate, and reputation is a testament to its performance.

HR23+® has continued to develop its formula through the years, and as a result, it has become the most effective over-the-counter hair supplement on the market.

Men and women have been benefitting from this carefully developed treatment, which can help with common hair loss types like androgenic alopecia, alopecia areata, and other temporary hair thinning conditions that are caused by factors such as menopause, post-pregnancy, seasonal shedding phases, and stress.

A supplement of this nature does not cure hair loss, but it is a good option to take for men and women who are experiencing early stages of baldness.

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