EPNOC emerges as a bright star in the crypto space

January 11 01:54 2023
EPNOC, the first token with revenue sharing that works for everyone, is on track to revolutionize the crypto space as it emerges as the best project for 2023. It allows people globally to experience a new world of digital assets.

EPNOC, a game-changer in the crypto space, continues to make waves globally as a reliable hybrid crypto exchange and cross-chain NFT marketplace. The revolutionary cryptocurrency trading platform follows optimum security and transparency measures and allows traders to make seamless uninformed decisions.

“There is a need to mitigate the loopholes of both the decentralized and centralized crypto exchanges and merges to strengthen the constructive features of decentralized and centralized exchanges. That’s where EPNOC comes into the picture. We lead the way in assisting investors of the crypto world in achieving their financial goals,” says Abhay Rana of EPNOC.

The EPNOC ecosystem retains the liquidity and usability of centralized platforms while maintaining decentralized exchanges’ security and anonymity. With this game-changing venue, investors control their funds without losing custody to any custodian. Crypto traders can transact digital assets directly from their wallets and submit tokens into the dependable smart contract.

As an industry-defining crypto exchange in 2023, EPNOC features an online marketplace that functions as a public blockchain platform to allow users to buy, sell or store NFTs.

Users can create an account, upload their digital work or art forms, and sell that work on the marketplace. To use an NFT, they need a crypto wallet and the best quality tokens to sell via the platform.

Users can trade their digital assets globally and accept payments from multiple networks. The EPNOC NFT marketplace is one of the fastest-growing marketplaces. It has a huge active user base that minimizes the gap between crypto traders and fiat worlds and allows them to take advantage of EPNOC best features for everyday trading.

The team behind EPNOC seeks to distribute 50 percent of trading fees to EPNOC stakeholders. Creators will get their royalty payments right away at the moment of sale. Since the platform also uses an uploaded algorithm to collect the trading fees from users, it automatically distributes 50 percent of the fees back to stakeholders each month.

Through EPNOC, investors can earn passive income while exploring multichain expansion with never-ending opportunities. 

The EPNOC token is currently in presale and about to have a price rise in January. The token is built on the Binance Smart chain and offers unique features and benefits. EPNOC token, described as the future of finance, is already up 100%, and expectations are at 200x. It is currently 0.02 USDT/token. 

Investors who want to start their success today can buy presale by visiting its website at http://epnoc.io. They can also join the fastest-growing next-gen Hybrid Crypto Exchange and cross-chain NFT marketplace by registering themselves. 

Others who wish to learn more about EPNOC may follow its social channels by clicking https://t.me/epnoc (Telegram), https://www.instagram.com/epnocofficial/ (Instagram), https://twitter.com/Epnoc5 (Twitter), https://medium.com/@epnocofficial (Medium) and https://t.me/epnoc  (Discord). 

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