Colorado Springs Physical Therapy Ready to Help Outdoor Athletes Recover From Injuries In 2023

January 03 17:39 2023
Backcountry Physical Therapy helps outdoor enthusiasts and athletes recover from and avoid injuries to return them to the mountain sports they enjoy. The goal of physical therapy is to find underlying causes of painful issues and create a long-term solution to pain and impaired performance.

Backcountry Physical Therapy and Scott Runyon are pleased to announce that the Colorado Springs Physical Therapy professionals focus on helping outdoor enthusiasts return to the mountain sports they love. Physical therapists strive to find the cause of problems to create a long-term solution to pain and impaired performance. Physical therapists help athletes spend more time exploring and enjoying the great outdoors. By determining the underlying cause of problems, patients can avoid lingering pain and recover more quickly.

Performance physical therapists help patients learn ways to prevent injury or re-injury. No one wants to spend one of Colorado’s beautiful days on the couch due to injury. Therapists also help patients improve their performance. Strength training and body mechanics training helps to improve skills in skiing, snowboarding, climbing, and more. All physical therapy sessions can be customized to the needs of the patients for participating in their favorite mountain sports.

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Backcountry Physical Therapy provides patients with a higher level of service than elsewhere. Professional therapists help to fix what is most important to the patient without the constraints encountered when using traditional therapists. Therapists coach and work with clients to help them reach the goals most important for their active lifestyle. Therapists help patients improve their performance, decrease pain and get back to enjoying the activities that outdoor enthusiasts love.

The techniques of physical therapy use proper movement to alleviate and prevent pain. Methods include hands-on manual therapy, targeted functional movement training exercises, and education on body mechanics. Physical therapists can help clients return to the activities they most enjoy without needing medications. The professionals at Backcountry Physical Therapy specialize in caring for outdoor athletes but can treat a wide range of conditions. These include low back pain, sprains, pre and post-surgical conditions, sports injuries, concussions, strains, and many more.

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Backcountry Physical Therapy offers performance physical therapy sessions. The goal is to permit outdoor enthusiasts to return to preferred activities. Therapists also teach methods to help athletes avoid injuries or re-injuries. 

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