Terence Ang Releases New Book – Emerging From the Dark

January 02 18:36 2023
Terence Ang Releases New Book - Emerging From the Dark
Emerging From the Dark By Terence Ang
Stroke survivor, Terence Ang is pleased to announce the release of his second book, Emerging from the Dark.

What does it feel like to have a stroke?

How do you move forward in a body that will never be the same?

Having a stroke is one of most people’s worst fears. But the truth is a stroke is becoming more common in younger and middle-aged people.

Most of us have no real idea what a stroke feels like or what it takes to recover from one. Our fear often has us pull away from people who most need our help and support. Even medical professionals often fail to fully grasp what it takes to recover from a stroke or how much energy and grit that journey takes.

In his first book, A Cry in the Dark, author Terence Ang shared his moving story of stroke recovery with us.

In this new book, Emerging From the Dark, Ang has assembled a collection of moving stories, accompanied by illustrations to shed light on post-stroke life in an interesting, unique, and yet powerful way from people in all stages of stroke recovery. In these pages, you will find tales of unimaginable courage and determination.

As a stroke survivor, I want to make a difference in someone’s life through my journey with the hope of providing a positive outlook as one navigates everyday life. While the first book is about me dealing with the aftermath of a stroke, the second book will feature stroke survivors sharing the stories of their journeys. I just hope this book will let more people know about stroke, because it can make a really big difference for them and their loved ones,” says Ang.

This book will indeed change the way you see people recovering from strokes. These are positive people with positive stories. They don’t want or need pity—they just want their stories to motivate others. Importantly, they reject the idea of being a victim and are fighting with everything they have, to return to a normal daily life, even if the new normal is different from what it used to be.  It is their fighting spirit along with the support of family and community that enabled them to emerge from the dark.

“This book gives us access to the raw and deepest emotions of a stroke survivor and their caregivers” Dr Moses Koh, Consultant, Rehabilitation Medicine, Department of General Medicine, Sengkang General Hospital.

Because the odds are that one day you or someone close to you may experience a stroke, this could be the most important book you will ever read. “Emerging from the Dark is the ‘Chicken Soup for the Soul’ of all those affected by stroke says Dr Shamala Thilarajah, President of Singapore National Stroke Association.

For Ang, raising public awareness of stroke has also become more urgent than ever. Prof. Kenneth Kwek, CEO, Singapore General Hospital hopes that this book will encourage others to speak openly about their experiences. This can serve to encourage, inspire and motivate others affected by stroke and the care providers.” Ang endeavors to create a community of survivors and caregivers so that more experiences can be shared.  Ang believe that storytelling can be key to healing and coming to terms with one’s situation and condition as he has experienced it for himself. You can expect these stories to culminate in his next book.

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Emerging From the Dark is available for purchase on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Apple Books, Smashwords and other online retailers.

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