Digimmerce Is Providing The Easiest Solution For Businesses To Start Selling Online

January 02 22:51 2023
With a registration process that takes less than five minutes, Digimmerce is aiding businesses in getting an online store set up to begin making sales. Multiple levels of support are available to suit any business’s needs.

Getting an eCommerce site set up is crucial for a business to succeed in today’s shopping market. Shopping trends have been moving more and more online as the customer experience is more convenient, and it’s easier to find what one is looking for with just a quick search. Larger, existing eCommerce platforms that are already getting traffic from a big group of consumers are the perfect option to get started. The only problem that one can run into with these larger sites is the learning curve to achieve even the simplest feat. It can be lengthy, difficult, and expensive to get through, and the site might charge per listing or even take a large chunk of each sale.

Digimmerce is changing that for businesses everywhere. Their registration process is quick and easy, and plans start as low as $0, making them the perfect option for new and small businesses looking to get into the eCommerce world.

Digimmerce and their great plans for businesses

Digimmerce was designed to make eCommerce easy and accessible for any business. It brings more than just an online store. It brings support throughout the journey and great website design and tools. Not only that, but it also only takes just five minutes to register. Those five minutes are all that it takes to start selling. The registration completes a website for the business with a streamlined and intuitive process that works for any level of technical knowledge.

Digimmerce completes SEO, or search engine optimization, for the businesses utilizing their platform to ensure the most qualified visitors end up on their website, shopping for their products. Not only that, but Digimmerce assembles a dashboard for each business that integrates with Google Analytics to show them just how well their store is performing. 

The website templates are premade to ensure a professional appearance, and their top notch infrastructure is made to host large amounts of traffic and avoid any downtime. One can also get custom theme created just for them by their team of Professional Designers.

There are three main plans offered through Digimmerce, each with its own benefits, and a 14-day trial is available for free without the need for credit card information. The first plan is completely free and comes with the website, 5 product listings, and credit card payments through Stripe with just a 5% transaction fee. The second and best selling plan is only $11.99 a month and adds a whole plethora of features like unlimited products, PayPal payments and a custom domain name with a reduced transaction fee to a mere 2%.  Finally, the Business plan is $24.99 a month and adds Partner Integrations, and reduces the transaction fee even further to 0.5%.


Digimmerce is providing a great and easy way for businesses to connect with customers in an entirely new way. With plans to fit any needs and budget, they’re the perfect option for any business to get going in the eCommerce market. 

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