Modern Growth Agency, Digital Done Right Consultation, Releasing Framework for SMB Owners to Thrive

January 02 15:51 2023
Implementing a modern framework to increase customer and client activity for service-based SMBs

Businesses are facing more challenges than ever in today’s competitive market. Many traditional businesses are yet to fully embrace online digital business, which continually puts them at a disadvantage as time goes on.

“The pandemic has accelerated the timeline for businesses to fully transition to digital operations, pushing people and businesses online much faster than anticipated; by years. This rapid push has left so many small businesses playing a fierce game of catch-up, not knowing where to go or who to trust.”, says Founder and Owner of DDRC Brandon Soto; a digital professional of over 20 years in both the agency and Fortune corporate worlds.

There are a couple of seemingly ever-present factors Brandon believes hold small businesses back when it comes to full digital business adoption.

The first factor is the importance of understanding the difference between an expense and an investment and acting accordingly. Knowing is one thing, doing is another.

When done properly, costs such as professional web design and development, copywriting, marketing, advertising, and automated systems are all investments that are designed to make a return.

However, many small business owners often view these items as expenses and try to buy the cheapest options available to them. This can be a mistake, as the saying “you get what you pay for” also applies in the digital world. Business owners who buy these types of options usually don’t get the desired results, more times than not resulting in a total loss and an incorrect perceptive of the industry.

Brandon said he likens this to the saying, “You can’t paint a whole house with one can of paint.”, and it’s a setup for failure that he’s tired of seeing owners go through.

The second factor Brandon sees that holds up small businesses’ progress is getting different marketing strategies from different parties with differing goals. Or, worse yet, not having a strategy in place at all.

To avoid this situation, it is important to work with trusted, experienced, and expert consultants. This is exactly why Brandon is implementing an ascension framework in his agency; to provide a logical structure for businesses to follow in order to achieve ultimate success while maximizing the use of their resources.

“This ascension framework not only builds on itself, it compounds over time in an efficient manner. The process is also clear for clients to understand and get behind with enthusiasm. It just makes sense.”, states Brandon.

Soto’s goal with Digital Done Right Consultation moving forward is to help more SMB owners gain clarity and confidence with investing in growing their businesses by having them fully understand the path to the business goals we set.

That all starts with expert consultation.

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