How This Woman Is Using NLP And Lie Detecting Abilities To Transform Lives

December 29 23:03 2022

Lizette Volkwyn is an incredibly talented public speaker, master life coach, master NLP practitioner, and human lie detector. She has been featured on national television, radio, magazines and online media. Lizette is passionate about helping people to find their authentic power and embrace who they are.

Lizette has converted her specialty workshop into an online format and wants to reach as many individuals as possible to help them discover themselves and become the best that they can be.

Her program consists of 12 hours of intense work, designed to help people eliminate past triggers, traumas, and self-beliefs which hold them back from achieving their full potential. She has seen incredible results with her program and has numerous referrals to prove its value.

Lizette meets people at all different kinds of crossroads in life; whether it is a career change or the end of a relationship, or even just not feeling good enough in general – she helps them through her use of NLP techniques combined with her natural ability to detect lies and understand what’s beneath the surface.

She acts as their Yoda – a guiding light in darkness when they feel like they have hit a brick wall – showing them that there are always other opportunities beyond what they can see in front of them.

On a personal level, Lizette is passionate about enabling every person she meets to truly believe in themselves and embrace their uniqueness so they understand that being who they are is truly their power.

She works closely with each individual she encounters to identify what makes them special and use those talents to empower themselves from within so they can confidently step up into the world with authenticity radiating from within them.

Lizette’s mission is noble yet incredibly powerful; by providing individuals with tools for self-acceptance and confidence building she sets them on a path towards true personal fulfillment and success in life – regardless of what twists and turns may come along the way.

To find out more about Lizette and her groundbreaking work, then make sure to visit her website here:, Facebook

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