The Basic Knowledge Points of Optical Module DDM Function Application

December 29 13:46 2022

1. Optical module life prediction

Through the real-time monitoring of the working voltage and temperature inside the transceiver module, the system administrator can find some potential problems:

a. If the Vcc voltage is too high, it will bring breakdown of CMOS devices; Vcc voltage is too low, and the laser cannot work normally.

b. If the receiving power is too high, the receiving module will be damaged.

c. If the working temperature is too high, the accelerator will age.

In addition, the performance of the line and remote transmitter can be monitored by monitoring the received optical power. If a potential problem is detected, the service can be switched to the standby link or the optical module that may fail can be replaced before the failure occurs. Therefore, the service life of the optical module can be predicted.

2. Fault location

In the optical link, locating the location of the failure is critical to the fast loading of services. Through comprehensive analysis of alarm signs or conditions, monitoring parameter information and optical module pins, the link fault location can be quickly located, reducing the system fault repair time.

3. Compatibility verification

Compatibility verification is to analyze whether the working environment of the module complies with the data manual or relevant standards. The performance of the module can only be guaranteed under this compatible working environment. In some cases, because the environment parameters exceed the data manual or relevant standards, the performance of the module will be degraded, resulting in transmission error.

The incompatibility between the working environment and the module includes:

a. The voltage exceeds the specified range;

b. The received optical power is overloaded or lower than the receiver sensitivity;

c. The temperature is outside the operating temperature range.

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