What is optical module? How to choose an optical module?

December 29 13:34 2022

When we choose an optical module, in addition to the basic packaging, transmission distance, and transmission rate, we should also pay attention to the following factors:

1. Fiber type

Fiber types can be divided into single-mode and multi-mode. The center wavelengths of single-mode optical modules are generally 1310nm and 1550nm, and they are used together with single-mode optical fibers. Single-mode optical fiber has wide transmission frequency and large transmission capacity, and is suitable for long-distance transmission. The central wavelength of the multimode optical module is generally 850nm, and it is used together with the multimode optical fiber. Multimode fiber has modal dispersion defects, and its transmission performance is worse than that of single-mode fiber, but its cost is low, and it is suitable for small capacity and short-distance transmission.

2. Optical fiber interface

Common module interfaces include LC, SC, MPO, etc. 

Fiber Transceiver

3. Working temperature

The operating temperature range of the optical module is commercial grade (0°C-70°C), extended grade (-20°C-85°C), and industrial grade (-40°C-85°C). Optical modules with the same package, rate, and transmission distance usually have two versions: commercial grade and industrial grade. Industrial-grade products use devices with better temperature tolerance, so the price of industrial-grade products is higher. We need to select the operating temperature level of the optical module according to the actual use environment.

4. Device Compatibility

Because major equipment manufacturers, in order to provide consistent products and services, they all tend to have a closed ecology. Therefore, the optical modules cannot be mixed with any brand of equipment. When we purchase an optical module, we need to explain to the merchant which devices the optical module needs to be used on, so as to avoid the problem of incompatible devices in the optical module.

5. Price

Generally, optical modules with the same brand as the equipment brand are expensive. The performance and quality of third-party compatible optical modules can be said to be the same as brand optical modules at present, but the price has obvious advantages.

6. Quality and after-sales service

Generally, there will be no problems with optical modules in the first year of use, and most of them will appear later. So try to choose a supplier with stable quality.

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