Eco Elements’ Impressive Growth Trajectory Signals Shift In Consumer Focus Toward Sustainable Energy

December 29 17:57 2022
The Utah-based company witnessed an unprecedented demand for cost-effective and energy-efficient Home Insulation and Ventilation Installation services in Q4 of 2022!

EAGLE MOUNTAIN, UT – December 29, 2022 – Eco Elements, is currently on an impressive growth trajectory that is providing a deeper insight into the buying habits and preferences of consumers regarding sustainable energy. In a statement released today, the green energy-focused company disclosed that it had witnessed an unprecedented demand for its home insulation and ventilation installation services in Q4 of 2022, clearly signaling a shift in consumer preferences towards energy-efficient products.

“As a small business, we always try to be mindful of the economic climate,” says Dan Saunders, President of Eco Elements. “Typically, in our line of business, we see peaks and valleys due to seasonal variations. Unlike prior years when demand would dip in moderate weather months, we’ve stayed busy all year long. There’s been an increased appetite for our insulation and ventilation products, and we’re happy to meet it.”

While the crumbling financial markets and mass layoffs around the world continue to plague the global economy with uncertainty and the fear of worldwide recession, some industries have, however, come out on top and appear to be headed for more success. Earlier believed to be a merely theoretical problem, global warming has evolved into an economic issue negatively affecting the finances of ordinary citizens battling rising gas and electricity costs. Coupled with the increased demand for remote work, more consumers are now looking for cost-effective ways to make their homes more comfortable and energy efficient.

Established to create healthier homes for homeowners throughout Salt Lake City and the surrounding areas, Eco Elements is providing families with smart, cost-effective, and impactful solutions that help reduce energy costs and create more comfortable home environments. To efficiently address the growing interest in its green solutions, the company has made several operational investments, including purchasing new equipment, hiring additional staff, and upgrading its sales processes and software.

“It’s not just about maximizing profits,” adds Saunders. “We truly believe that we are changing people’s lives. This is a passion and purpose-driven business. Our products and services help create more consistent temperatures in homes, making them more comfortable for all members of the family. Additionally, we work with homeowners to identify and close up any areas where energy is being wasted or lost. In these increasingly uncertain times, every little bit helps.” Eco Elements Customer Testimonials

Run by a team of dedicated and experienced healthy home professionals, Eco Elements is committed to helping homeowners lower energy costs, reduce environmental impact, and increase the overall value of their homes. For more information about Eco Elements and their energy-saving products and services, please visit


Eco Elements is a Utah-based company providing homeowners with innovative ways to save energy and improve comfort. Its core service offerings focus on attic insulation, ventilation, and air sealing.

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