SneakerFurniture Is next – According To contemporary Artist Tucker Audie

December 29 09:09 2022

In 1985 a pair of Jordan 1s was worth $65 USD.

Today that same pair of Jordans are worth up to $30k USD or more.

“I asked  myself what will they be worth preserved in a piece of functional art in 3000 years?” says Artist Tucker Aüdie, founder of the fine art and sporting innovation brand dasaüdie. “The results are mesmerizing. I’ve watched people literally cry when they see these pieces in person.”

The hero design from the first collection of original aüdie’s is the brand’s patent pending design innovation the SneakerHoop™️, pictured here debuting in Times Square during the 2022 campaign.

So how did this happen?

“The real reason is that I wanted to create something truly original, something that had never been done before. I wanted to defy this idea that everything has been done already. Nothing has been done.”

Fifteen years of entertainment and production industry experience, combined with four years of private equity fundraising and R&D has yielded the secret recipe.

“I guess you could say I have a bit of a footwear fetish,” jokes Aüdie. “But on a more serious note, debuting this line in Times Square after all the behind the scenes work and imposter syndrome was the best day of my life. Ultimately it’s built with our people in mind: athletes, memorabilia collectors, sneakerheads, fine art connoisseurs, interior design innovators, and our favorite brands. It’s an operating system designed to create priceless artifacts and unforgettable immersive experiences.”

Can you take the sneakers out of the sculptures?

In Tucker’s words, “Nope,” he chuckles. “That’s the first question we always get. But who would have thought that in technically destroying a pair of priceless sneaks you’d in turn preserve them forever? Crazy things happen when you go all in.”

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