Clark William Colepaugh’s Newest Release, “The Quest”, Is The Third In His Princess & Snowflake Series For Young Readers

December 29 08:09 2022
Clark William Colepaugh’s Newest Release, "The Quest", Is The Third In His Princess & Snowflake Series For Young Readers
Princess Hope is one of a kind. At the tender age of seven, she can communicate with animals and is adept at reading minds. Her unique talents provide her with a truly amazing group of comrades. Along with Snowflake, Thor, Lobo, Spirit, and Seashell, Princess Hope travels to an island far from home determined to complete their mission to save her dying father, White Eagle.

Colepaugh’s series “…tells of bravery, courage, and determination…” ~ Amazon 5-Star Review

The release of author Clark William Colepaugh’s Princess Hope & Snowflake: The Quest marks the third installment in his series for children. Colepaugh first introduced young readers to his fantastic cast of characters in his first two releases, Princess Hope & Snowflake: A Wonderful Day and Princess Hope & Snowflake: The Gift. In The Quest, readers will be in for an amazing ride as their heroine and her animal friends race to save her father, White Eagle, with just 24 hours in which to return with the cure.

About the Book: 

Main character Princess Hope in Clark William Colepaugh’s Princess Hope & Snowflake: The Quest possesses abilities that set her apart from everyone else. Her friend group is like no other, and she has quite the responsibility resting on her young shoulders. Only seven-years-old, Princess Hope must set out on a journey with dangerous consequences. After fighting in a death duel with two pirates, White Eagle, Princess Hope’s father and leader of the Tribe, is at death’s door. As it turns out, the one thing that can bring her father back from the brink lies on a distant island and in the hands of a mysterious woman named Hiiaka. Hiiaka is known to everyone around as the Spirit of the Volcano and is surrounded by an air of foreboding. Before Princess Hope and her animal companions can retrieve the remedy her father so desperately needs, they must first determine whether the woman who holds the key to saving White Eagle is a friend or a foe. Their journey for the cure will be a dangerous one, but Princess Hope, Snowflake, Thor, Lobo, Spirit, and Seashell have their sights set on one thing–saving their leader.

Readers of Colepaugh’s Princess Hope & Snowflake series say “…children will love it.” ~ Amazon 5-Star Review

About the Author:

Clark William Colepaugh believes that fame and fortune are fleeting. He wants his writing to inspire readers and help young people recognize their own gifts and hidden talents. Teaching readers to believe in themselves is a major goal of Colepaugh’s writing. He recognizes that life can be difficult, and it is easy sometimes to lose one’s way. It is his hope that his characters and their adventures will inspire confidence, encourage young people to set goals, and, ultimately, chase their dreams.

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