New Book by Brent M. Jones is the Perfect Guide to the Journey of Personal Reinvention and Positive Change

December 28 23:22 2022
Brent M. Jones has released the second edition of his book “Embrace Life’s Randomness,” and it is a must-have for people who want to make the best out of life

In Embrace Life’s Randomness, author Brent M. Jones considers whether the unexpected is genuinely random and compares the traditional stoic determinist view of life with a view more accepting of randomness and free will. Today, Brent is thrilled to announce the release of the book’s second edition, which promises to further establish readers on the journey to personal reinvention and positive change, helping them find their way through life. Every page of Embracing Life’s Randomness is carefully crafted with important resources for the journey through life, making the book an all-around guide.

According to Brent M. Jones, there are two assumptions and perspectives to life that people accept today. One school of thought believes that all events, including human actions, are ultimately determined by causes considered external to the will. In contrast, the other believes in free will and agency, feeling that their trip through life results from their own choices. In the book, Brent analyzes what should be the right approach to life.

Speaking in the book, Brent M. Jones had this to say, “If our impact is assumed to be because of an effect based on our choices, there will still be influences from factors we cannot control. The law of attraction tells us that: You are what you attract because like attracts like. In other words, you constantly find yourself attracted to people with the same personality traits. This book will give you a mental reset and the proper mindset, putting you on the path to living your greatest life.”

Embracing Life’s Randomness will examine why things happen and teaches readers how to view them and respond. One’s response to whatever life brings their way is a significant determinant to the overall outcome. The author wants people to understand what to do and how to approach life for the best outcome. Brent has eight books to his name, including The Interview of Self, Networking with a Purpose, The Human Factor, Simply the Best, and other amazing titles.

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Brent is the author of the Work Matters book and the creator of Connected Events Matter. He is a long-time career coach who knows the importance of personal development and being able to reinvent yourself throughout your life. Brent has been through all this, and he loves helping others realize that change can be tremendous when the right choices are made.

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