The Wellness Space, A Simple Guide That Can Help Everyone Towards Good Health, By Tanuja Reddy

December 28 23:18 2022
The Wellness Space, A Simple Guide That Can Help Everyone Towards Good Health, By Tanuja Reddy

We often place importance or worry about small matters rather than focusing on our health. Health is the most important aspect of one’s life and should be kept as the ultimate priority. Stress, sleep, and what we eat are some of the most critical determinants of our health as outlined by the author, Tanuja Reddy.

The Wellness Space is a book that will guide you toward better health through nutrition and excercise. This book summarizes many topics of what is essential to our health and how our lifestyle choices and the food we eat impact our bodies and can effect many aspects of our life.

From the very start, this incredible book details and describes health facts and statistics, further introducing readers to body systems and their proper function while keeping them informed about nutrients and their effects on the body. As it continues, this excellent book will shed light on some common diseases and their consequences to the body. It finally concludes with a list of excellent additional resources, including interesting online sites and social media accounts. Places you may not have considered for motivation.

The book will broaden your perspective on health and wellness. You will learn about many things that you may not be aware of. The Wellness Space will also discuss subjects such as sleep, stress, nutrients, micronutrients, and their impact on the human body and even our mental health.

This book is written by a classy lady Tanuja Reddy who has an avid interest in nutrition and lifestyle choices. She was honored with an undergraduate degree in biology from the University of Toronto and successfully completed an honors degree from the University of Tennessee and Arkansas. She is a doctor, a super mom, and a supportive wife. She also feels strongly about the environment and wildlife. This passion shows in her photography. Her book describes where to view her work and online presence.

With her own life experience and knowledge she has gained through school and reading, she has put together this excellent book as an educational tool to guide readers about living a healthy lifestyle.

If you are a preteen, teenager, or any person striving for good health, getting her book might be the ideal choice—as it will highlight almost everything that you need to stay healthy.

Get the book from Amazon today to ensure good health and a prosperous, active lifestyle.

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