What are the precautions for bolt assembly?

December 28 15:18 2022

Bolt fastener is a general term for the parts used when two or more parts (or components) are fastened together, and usually belongs to the standard parts in the industry. However, due to the different application scenarios in various industries, so the bolt fasteners are very diverse and widely used, so what should be noted when the bolt assembly? The following Aozhan fasteners take you to understand.

Stainless steel bolts

Precautions for bolt assembly.

1, visual inspection of the bolt, nut or the wire hole of the coupled parts before assembly, should be free of knocks and scratches, in accordance with the drawings or the standards cited in this specification.

2, in the assembly process, do not touch the threaded part of the bolt.

3, the head of the bolt and the nut end face of the washer, should be fastened with the plane of the parts even contact, should not be tilted, nor allowed to hammer to make contact between the two planes, the screw should be no bending deformation.

4, the connected parts should be evenly pressed, closely fit each other, firmly connected.

5, bolts, nuts tightening when the use of inappropriate wrench is strictly prohibited.

6, bolt, screw assembly should be hand screwed into more than 2 ~ 3 pitch, and then tighten with a wrench or electric tools.

7, bolt, nut assembly, pay attention to the protection of the jointed parts of the paint film, plating and bolt, nut head, can not be damaged.

8, after tightening the nut, the head of the bolt should be exposed to the nut face 2 to 3 pitches, nuts and washers are facing the opposite side of the connected body (nut marked with the word side for the front, washer rounded side for the front ).

9, bolt fastening after the paint mark, mark the bit generally with red paint point in the bolt and nut contact. The color can be changed according to the use of different places, but the color must be clearly distinguished.

The above is a simple introduction of Aozhan fasteners on the bolt assembly should pay attention to things, I hope it will help you. Purchase bolt fasteners choose Aozhan hardware bolt products, the choice of stainless steel high-quality materials, complete specifications size, special specifications can be customized, bolt fasteners wide range of applications, construction and operation is simple. Can send e-mail: [email protected], get preferential quotes, welcome to consult.

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