Electronics Adapter Interface to be Unified in Korea

December 28 14:14 2022


Korea Agency for Technology and Standards (KATS) of MOTIE is promoting the development of the Korean Standard (KS) to unify the interface of Korean electronic products into a USB-C type interface. The program, which was previewed on 10 August, will be followed by a meeting of standard in early November and will be developed into a national standard as early as November.

IEC 62680-1-2、KS C IEC 62680-1-3、KS C IEC63002。

Previously, the EU has required that by the end of 2024, twelve devices sold in the EU, such as smartphones, tablets and digital cameras need to be equipped with USB-C ports. Korea did so to facilitate domestic consumers, reduce electronic waste, and ensure the competitiveness of the industry. Considering the technical characteristics of USB-C, KATS will develop Korean national standards within 2022, drawing on three of the 13 international standards, namely KS C IEC 62680-1-2, KS C IEC 62680-1-3, and KS C IEC63002.

On 6 September, Korea Agency for Technology and Standards (KATS) of MOTIE revised the Safety Standard for Safety Confirmation Object Lifestyle Products (Electric Scooters). As personal electric two-wheeled vehicle is constantly updated, some of them are not included in the safety Management. In order to ensure the safety of consumers and the development of related industries, the original safety standards were revised. This revision mainly added two new product safety standard, “low-speed electric two-wheelers” and “other electric personal travel devices”. And it is clearly stated that the maximum speed of the end product should be less than 25km/h and the lithium battery needs to pass the KC safety confirmation.

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