In-depth Science: Analysis Of The 5 Major Benefits Of Electric Toothbrushes, Who Should Use It With Caution

December 28 12:36 2022
Is it necessary to buy an electric toothbrush? What good does it do? Many people bought electric toothbrushes on the recommendation of dentists, and deeply realized the refreshing feeling of technology changing their lives. Many people say that they feel refreshed after using an electric toothbrush. What are the benefits of an electric toothbrush? Many people say that electric toothbrushes are IQ taxes? As an oral blogger, today I will share with you the 5 benefits of popularizing electric toothbrushes and who should not use them!

What is the value of an electric toothbrush? We need to start with the working principle of electric toothbrushes:

The electric toothbrush is driven by the high-intensity vibration frequency per minute brought by the movement motor, which drives the brush head to rub up and down, left and right, 360 degrees on the teeth, so as to achieve effective cleaning power. The invention of the electric toothbrush can be traced back to the 1960s. The invention of the electric toothbrush in Europe was first prepared for the disabled with inconvenient hands and feet, but later, by chance, it was found that the disabled who used the electric toothbrush had the same teeth as the people who did not use the electric toothbrush normally. Compared with the oral cavity, disabled people who use electric toothbrushes have higher dental health and less plaque and calculus deposits. So this also finds the value of electric toothbrushes


These 5 benefits of electric toothbrushes cannot be replaced by ordinary toothbrushes!


①: The electric toothbrush cleans the teeth. Through the high-frequency vibration of the suspension motor, the mixture of toothpaste and water in the mouth generates a large number of tiny air bubbles. Ordinary toothbrushes and brushing teeth, because they cannot be seen, rely on the feeling to clean the teeth, and it is inevitable to miss areas such as interdental, alveolar, gum line and other areas.

②: Reduce gum damage. Ordinary toothbrush brushing teeth, due to manual operation, the uneven force, it is inevitable that our teeth and gums, electric toothbrushes are not the same, the force is even (good quality electric toothbrush), research shows that it can reduce the brushing force by about 60% , which reduces gingivitis and bleeding gums by 62%, making the brushing process safer and more effective.

③: Remove tooth stains thoroughly. Most people think that brushing your teeth is a trivial matter, and cleaning your mouth every day is a hassle. In fact, there is not much benefit for dental care. The electric toothbrush drives the brushing through vibration, which produces up and down swings, which can well cover the surface of the teeth, remove the surface stains, reduce the stains caused by drinking tea and coffee, and restore the original color of the teeth.

④: Reasonable Brushing Time. We all know that the brushing time is proportional to the cleaning effect, and manual brushing depends on your own preferences to determine the length of brushing time. Because there is no reasonable concept of time, there is no way to guarantee the quality of daily brushing. So whether the electric toothbrush is good or not, it is of great benefit to those who do not brush their teeth well. The frequency of hundreds of times per minute and the reminder of the brushing area for 30 seconds can help oral health and develop good brushing habits. .

⑤: Saves Time And Effort, and the cleaning threshold is low. Electric toothbrushes do not need to be vigorously brushed, but only need to be gently moved to fit the tooth surface. Therefore, electric toothbrushes have also become “lazy artifact” by many young people. The benefits of time-saving and labor-saving are not only simple brushing, but more importantly, it does not need to exert force, which avoids the situation that some tooth parts are not cleaned and brushed properly all the year round caused by subjective force of ordinary toothbrushes. Because we brush our teeth hard, there will be dead spots where we can’t work hard, and the vibration of the electric toothbrush will not be such a problem.


Although electric toothbrushes have many benefits, we must also see objective data. In recent years, the rate of tooth injury has skyrocketed! There are also unknown problems behind the popularity.

Why does the electric toothbrush hurt the teeth and gums?


Reason 1: Buy cheap electric toothbrushes. The cost of the core materials of cheap electric toothbrushes is extremely low, and the experience is even less likely to be better. For example, insufficient motor power, inferior bristles, damaged teeth, and aging batteries are the most common inferior electric toothbrushes. If the budget is indeed limited, then I suggest that you still use the manual.

Reason 2: Blind pursuit of electric toothbrushes with excessive cleaning power. Many users are stimulated by the times to have “cleaning anxiety”. They only consider how to clean their teeth, ignoring whether the teeth are tolerated. Long-term use of electric toothbrushes with excessive cleaning power, From bleeding gums to inflammation, severe dental defects disease.Reason 3: The attitude of using electric toothbrushes is perfunctory, and the wrong method of use, such as not cleaning the electric toothbrush for two minutes at a time, can be done by brushing for dozens of seconds every day. There are also electric toothbrush brush heads that are not replaced on time, brush heads are used for too long, and the brush heads are fried harm.
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