One of the best horror fiction books of 2022 is Madhouse, a collection of stories set in a mental institute

December 28 17:09 2022

Stephen Ball, the prolific multi-genre author of Office Drone and Random Acts of Violence, has announced the forthcoming release of his new short story anthology, Madhouse. With stories ranging from humor to horror, there’s no better author to tackle such drastically different aspects of the human experience than Ball himself.

Book cover of Madhouse

Madhouse invites the reader to step into a mental institute, picturing themselves as a guest who meets the various patients inside. Each patient tells their tale one by one in quick glimpses of the past. “Last Night” dissects the misery of living in a hated apartment building, while “Next Stop” chronicles the narrator searching for a target during a long ride on a subway. No two stories—or patients—are quite alike, giving this anthology a truly unique flavor.

Fans of nearly any genre will find something to enjoy in Madhouse. Ball expertly combines the best of horror with other commercial elements to deliver a varied collection of stories that can appeal to a wide audience of adult readers.

Each story includes an underlying theme such as the importance of living meaningfully or the absurdity of life. Reviewers continue to praise Ball’s intriguing narrative style, describing his first work, Headline, as a “brisk read” with an “interesting perspective on fame and violence.” In comparison, reviewers have remarked that Office Drone is “witty and humorous” – showing Ball’s ability to write in more than just one genre.

Madhouse and Ball’s other works are available for purchase on or wherever books are sold.

Stephen Ball is the accomplished author of Office Drone, Random Acts of Violence, and Headline. He has written for multiple websites as a freelance writer and appeared in several YouTube channels as a panelist. His weekly streams include channels J-Man and The Action Elite. Ball lives and writes in the greater Toronto area. Visit him online at

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