Shidharth Ganguly Sells First Startup For Six Figures And Announces His New Venture “Know More”

December 26 20:54 2022

A young and talented entrepreneur, who has successfully sold his first startup for a six-figure. This impressive accomplishment is a testament to Ganguly’s ingenuity and hard work, and he is now looking forward to embarking on a new venture.

A highly talented 23-year-old has delightfully established a new brand, ensuring the provision of high-end services to worldwide customers. He is currently a founder of 2 existing brands, Letstyle and Pursuit Label. The success of his last brand has allowed Ganguly to build a solid foundation for his future endeavors. Despite the challenges, Shidharth Ganguly aimed to reach the heights of success, with his new brand Hands-Down, with bigger and better plans.

“I am grateful for the opportunity to have started and grown my own business,” Ganguly said. “The experience has been valuable, and I am excited to bring my skills and knowledge to my next ventures.”

Ganguly’s new company is in the early stages of development, and he is currently working to secure funding and build a team of talented individuals to help bring his vision to life.

Hands-Down started to have customers Hands Down while availing of top-notch services. The service will be rendered in such a way that the customer won’t have to put their hands into the project. The entire job will be completed from start to end by the impeccable team of Hands-Down, without any involvement by the customer. Having entrepreneurial tendencies from childhood, he had a quest to change the lives around him by establishing brands. Shidharth Ganguly is working keenly in the content industry using his knowledge and expertise as he thinks content can influence and change the world.

“The first venture I started was when covid hit Feb 2020, working from home and selling the company for six figures using only my laptop and internet—managing a team of over 60 people worldwide remotely. Formulating strategies and executing an idea, even though everything was stacked against me, I went and did the impossible. I had entrepreneurial tendencies since childhood. My family & friends told me I could not build my own company because we were not rich enough, coming from a middle-class family.  Having proved everyone wrong, I am starting my next venture, offering my services to customers worldwide again,” says Shidharth Ganguly

With his newly launched business, Shidharth Ganguly has made it easier for people to get scalable content solutions under one brand. The company has a team of experts and professionals committed to helping customers develop and grow while standing out.

“I am confident that if we believe in something and we work hard towards it, we can achieve great things and make a real difference,” Ganguly said.

Ganguly’s impressive track record and dedication to making a positive impact make him a valuable asset to the business world. We look forward to seeing the success of his new venture and the positive impact it will have on the world.

The arduous and challenging journey could not stop him, and he continued to pursue his dream of building a business. Even though the whole economy is collapsing because of the pandemic or the Ukraine-Russia war, Shidharth Ganguly is standing firm in running a company from home and providing assistance to people through his valuable services. With a zeal to achieve his dreams, Shidharth Ganguly intends to build companies to help society for the betterment of human life.

“I believe it is our responsibility to take care of the planet and preserve it for future generations,” Ganguly said. “I am excited to work on new solutions that can help make a difference in the fight against climate change and other environmental challenges.”

“We’re here to help your brand shine from strategy to implementation. So schedule a free consultation with our team, and let’s make things happen,” adds Ganguly.

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