HelloMQL Is The Ultimate Sales Tool For Startups To Begin Getting Demos And Sales Calls On Their Calendar

December 26 20:03 2022
The experienced team at HelloMQL works for Startups to start filling their calendar with crucial sales calls with real customers. Working on behalf of the business, they provide B2B sales outreach to bring in real, qualified sales opportunities.

One of the hardest parts of forming a new Startup is to begin getting qualified sales leads. Cold calling, emailing, and sending LinkedIn messages are often the best way to go, but it takes a lot of time, and not all of that outreach will result in a sale or even a demo. 

HelloMQL is doing that heavy lifting for Startups to get them set up with 2-4 qualified and ready sales meetings each week. 

HelloMQL’s services and what they do for a Startup

HelloMQL’s expert inside sales team is responsible for the sales outreach for all of their clients. They work mainly in B2B sales and work hard to get the best results possible. HelloMQL becomes an extension of their clients as they create scripts, educate potential customers on a brand’s services and products, and reach out to businesses that they feel would benefit from their client’s offerings. 

Utilizing cold calls, emails, and more, the HelloMQL team is completing all of that work on their clients’ behalf to save them the time that it takes. Once they get in contact with a person who has an interest, they set up a demo or a sales call directly with the Startup so that they can go in prepared and know their time is being used for a real potential sale. 


HelloMQL provides all of their own technology and tools to complete their outreach. Startups who work with them don’t need to worry about a thing once they’ve signed up. The dedicated HelloMQL inside sales team is available 24/7 to chat and will set up biweekly meetings with their client to review all of their outreach and how it’s going. They even provide reporting on a regular basis. 

With HelloMQL’s services, Startups can focus their time on important business items instead of taking the time to complete hundreds of cold calls each week. 

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