Best Paid Tech Jobs in 2023 in New Zealand, According to Industry Leader Sourced IT Recruitment

December 26 19:54 2022
In the tech industry, salary is linked to tech skills that are in demand. From technical leads to cloud architects and software engineering managers, Sourced IT Recruitment unveils the list of high-paying careers in technology in 2023.

Technology is undoubtedly one of the fastest-growing careers globally. According to Sourced IT Recruitment, an industry leader based in New Zealand, a career in technology has various benefits, with high compensation as a standout advantage. 

Sourced, composed of technology and digital recruitment specialists working in Auckland and Christchurch, sees strong salary growth for a range of careers in 2023, especially in engineering, product, security and cloud.

One of the top-paid tech jobs in 2023 is Information Security Analyst, who works closely with the Chief Information Technology Officer (CIO) to produce and maintain security systems. Businesses are willing to pay a premium for Security Analysts with impressive research and technical expertise who can stay on top of the latest and emerging threats and know the constantly changing software and hardware terrain.

Meanwhile, product managers are also among the most crucial strategic and creative tech jobs. They are visionary professionals who bring products from conception to fruition and continuous refinement. Their core components are user research and testing, feature road mapping, and pricing and revenue modelling.

Also securing a spot in the list are Software Engineer Managers. They oversee teams, audit code, engage with managers and other stakeholders, produce projects, and recruit software engineers. Whether individuals are specialising in software architecture, DevOps, Java or data science, as Engineering Managers, their leadership skills are just as critical as their technical expertise. Among the key traits for the job is the ability to look at issues from a bird’s eye view in architecture decisions, track QA and confidently manage people.

Cloud Architects, meanwhile, are a vital part of the list, making their role one of the most lucrative jobs in tech in 2023. Managing cloud adoption projects, strategy, and creating cloud architecture all form part of the Cloud Architect’s remit. Cloud Architect roles get an average base salary of NZ$137,971, with up to NZ$10k in bonuses. The vital knowledge areas for Cloud Architects include networking and application architecture, automation and orchestration, security, and integration architecture.  

Meanwhile, for organisations with growing or mature IT functions, it’s critical to have skilled Technical Leads on board who can steer teams towards greater efficiency. They manage teams of developers to carry out projects or keep operations running smoothly. Spotting structural opportunities and weaknesses, maintaining code quality and wrangling technical debt are among the Technical Lead’s key priorities. 

Sourced is a specialist IT recruitment agency that provides a complete approach to the hiring or job-seeking process. It is composed of recruitment experts and subject matter specialists who cover IT recruitment and have an extensive network of IT contractors across the full technological spectrum, including support services and specialist engineering.

Those who want to get access to the most current information on salaries and help them in their job search may reach out to Sourced IT Recruitment’s technology and digital recruitment specialists. Others who wish to learn more about Sourced IT Recruitment may visit its website at or follow its social channels for more information. 

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