Best Selling Author and Publisher, Radhaa Nilia joins the Annual Women’s Economic Forum Speaker Lineup

December 26 12:46 2022

Best Selling Author and Publisher Radhaa Nilia are set to speak at the Women’s Economic Forum (WEF), a global conference platform. This conference invites women pioneers and feminine leaders worldwide to foster empowering conversations, connections, and collaborations among women committed to contributing in ALL walks of life through enterprise, innovation, leadership, vision, and voice. WEF will include sessions focusing on learning, networking, and business development. Radhaa will be speaking on Healing through Arts as the founder of Radhaa Publishing House. 

RPH is a holistic publishing company that focuses on helping heart-centered authors get their work into the World through collaborative books. As a long-term Mystery School keeper, Radhaa works with Goddess Archetypes to support women in transmuting core feminine wounds into sources of empowerment. Her mission is to support the authors throughout this incredible journey, empowering them to step into their divine and authentic selves while sharing their stories and voices with the World. A safe and sacred platform with a team of in-house creatives. 

Embodying storytelling and her original healing modality, Goddess Activations™ activates feminine frequencies as a source of healing. Radhaa devoted many years to deep studies in Energy Healing and Archetypal work and is certified in over a dozen healing modalities as a practitioner and teacher. This passion led her to curate the Best Selling Book Energy Healing and Soul Medicine with many practitioners around the World. Radhaa dedicated several books to the Goddess and Feminine Archetypes. Radhaa’s deepest devotional healing work for humanity is to produce legendary books that inspire the human spirit to keep Rising. As the curator of the ongoing ‘Awakening Starseeds Book Series,’ Radhaa provides a sacred space for lightworkers and starseeds to express the voice of their souls. Radhaa Publishing House is a holistic publishing company that focuses on helping heart-centered, mind-expanding, truth-telling authors get their work out into the World. The latest releases, Awakening Starseeds, Pillars of Light: Stories of Goddess Activations, and Energy Healing & Soul Medicine, were all featured at multiple book signings with authors across the country.

G100 & WICCI Agenda for G20. The Annual WEF, 27-31 December 2022, New Delhi, India. WEF Awards are presented in celebration of inspiring women and men worldwide across all walks of life, including business, entrepreneurship, politics, public life, government, community service, arts, culture, sciences, technology, spirituality, innovation, writing, research, and others. By honoring goodness and excellence across all strata, we encourage and empower greater leadership, enterprise, and collective consciousness toward creating a better world for All. To find out more, visit:

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