Achieving Health Through the Mind, Body, and Spirit to Live Well Now

December 26 17:24 2022
The Live Well Now Academy centers around the mind, body, and spirit. Its main focus is to help people wean from the diet fad, embrace sustainable lifestyle changes, and feel great about themselves. It’s why health and body wellness is the academy’s number one priority.

The main reason people diet is to lose weight, generally, for health reasons. But all diets are by design, temporary, for they are overly restrictive and unrealistic as a long-term regime. In many cases, they could lead to eating disorders and other health issues. 

The Live Well Now Academy is designed to help men and women who are serious about taking control of their health learn how to begin redesigning their life—and it begins with cultivating internal health and body wellness. With the mind, body, and spirit as its foundation, the center focuses on achievable fitness programs and proper nutrition to enable good weight management practices. Live Well Now Academy offers private fitness and lifestyle programs for people ready to make the change.

The academy’s programs focus on all aspects of health and body wellness through a process of personal coaching to educate trainees on the dynamics of living a healthy lifestyle—the key points of living one’s whole life feeling well, fit, and strong, inside and out. It’s about helping people to achieve their best selves and to Live Well Now.

These sessions can be conducted in person or online in any part of the world. The academy also offers a support program to help with accountability and answer any questions. 

The coaching program can be customized and is conducted on a one-on-one basis or in groups. And what sets Live Well Now Academy apart is its emphasis on the internal health of the body above all else. 

The coaches at the academy see themselves as people-centric trainers and getting the results for their clients is a form of specialization in their view. They are convinced that people want to live a better life and they just need to know how to do it and where to begin. It is a principle that the academy’s founder, Teri Katzenberger, lives by and her life purpose.  

Teri has been a professional in the Health, Fitness, and Lifestyle Wellness Industry since 1991 before pursuing it as a full-time career since 2005. In her experience, people begin talking about “aging and growing old” around 35 years old and it’s the reason her target audience is men and women 35 and above. 

Teri holds a diploma as a Fitness & Nutrition Specialist from Penn Foster University and a Medical Fitness Certification Specialization as a Menopause Hormone Fitness Specialist. She believes in ongoing education and holds numerous Certifications in Nutrition, Fitness, Group Exercise Training, Circuit Training, and Personal Development Training. Teri teaches people how to redesign their life; physically, emotionally, and spiritually. She has helped hundreds of people in many aspects of internal health and weight management in areas such s meal planning, weaning off medications, lower Blood Pressure/Cholesterol, reducing or eliminating joint and arthritis pains, and much more.

A survivor of traumatic domestic abuse, disabling self-image issues, a chronic eating disorder, and chronic life-threatening alcohol and drug addiction, Teri is an overcomer who has a passion for all walks of life. She began her own personal health & wellness journey in 1991—to save her own life. Since 2000, she has dedicated herself to helping men and women across the globe, live a healthy, well, fit, strong, whole life; from the inside out; without diets.  

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More people today, than ever before, want to feel and look good and most importantly, live a healthy life. They do not want their lives to be restricted due to health issues and ailments. Teri and the Live Well Now Academy exist to help people achieve the ultimate lifestyle.

About the Academy: 

Live Well Now Academy was founded in 2000 by Teri Katzenberger. She sees it as her calling to teach and educate others on the dynamics of living a healthy, well, fit, strong, whole life from the inside out. At her academy, she focuses on all aspects of health and body wellness to educate through personal coaching to inculcate the proper balance of nutrition, fitness, wellness, and mindset to help people Live Well Now.

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