Haier Biomedical’s New Products Are a Success in Southeast Asian Market

December 26 10:38 2022

As a safe storage cabinet for inflammable and combustible liquid chemicals, corrosive chemicals, and toxic chemicals, Haier Biomedical’s hazardous chemicals storage cabinet is widely used in universities, scientific research institutions, laboratories as key examples, for customers to store fuels, chemicals, and solvents securely, reducing fire risk, and to protect personal and property safety.

Haier Biomedical is the complete cold chain manufacturer and solutions provider, winning high recognition from international customers for its product safety, stability and performance. More recently, a well-known aerospace company in Vietnam purchased a hazardous chemicals storage cabinet with a capacity of 60 Gal from Haier Biomedical for hazardous chemical storage and experiments.

The Vietnamese company engaging in one of the professional industries in Vietnam has a set of strict standards for equipment procurement to follow, this reduces the possibility of accidents and to protect the safety of employees and company property. For the maintenance and overhaul of large equipment components, the chemicals used must be stored in highly secure hazardous chemicals storage cabinets to avoid serious consequences caused by any leakage.

Haier Biomedical’s hazardous chemicals storage cabinet conforms to numerous international standards, including CE, NFPA, OSHA, EN IEC 60079-0/EN 60079-2, EN14470-1, and RoH, delivering a secure storage environment for hazardous chemicals. In addition, Haier Biomedical’s local after-sales team always provides strong technical support for the installation, maintenance and training. Due to the on-going success of the cabinet, the customer said that they would maintain friendly cooperation with Haier Biomedical, and would purchase a hazardous chemicals storage cabinet of a larger capacity next.

Relying on its good performance, Haier Biomedical’s hazardous chemicals storage cabinet has also won orders successively from other Southeast Asian markets, including the National University of Singapore (NUS) and the Astana Raja Health Clinic in Malaysia.

As the new hazardous product launched for the first time by Haier Biomedical, the hazardous chemicals storage cabinet has filled Haier Biomedical’s gap in the export field of hazardous chemicals storage cabinets and brought customers a cost-effective “safety cabinet” option. The product has ignited internationals markets since the launch of the product. Haier Biomedical is also speeding up the overseas export of other medical categories, such as the inflammable chemicals storage cabinet, combustible chemicals storage cabinet, toxic chemicals storage cabinet, and acid/alkaline chemicals storage cabinet, to meet the needs of different industries related to the storage of hazardous chemicals.

The success of Haier Biomedical’s hazardous chemicals storage cabinet in Southeast Asian markets not only means the recognition and trust of customers for Haier Biomedical but also marks a new stage of Haier Biomedical’s global strategic layout. Moving forward, Haier Biomedical will continue to innovate and deliver global users with professional technologies and superior products to achieve win-win cooperation.

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