Nevada Laser Pain Relief Launches Pain Free – Pain Management Clinic Utilizing Lasers, PEMF and More

December 26 07:54 2022
88% of patients see a substantial reduction in pain after only four treatments utilizing Infrared Lasers and PEMF Therapies.

Nevada Laser Pain Relief provides pain relief without needles, pills, or surgery.

Nevada Laser Pain Relief, in Reno, Nevada holds proprietary treatment protocols for the treatment of chemo induced neuropathy, diabetic induced neuropathy, and small fiber neuropathy. Along with providing long term pain relief from acute and chronic conditions.

The modalities utilized include diagnostic thermography, laser therapy and pulse electromagnetic field (PEMF) treatments.

Thermography supports the identification of the root cause of many pain conditions that are normally not visible using standard imaging equipment such as x-rays, CT scans, and MRI’s. Thermography produces no ionizing radiation or x-rays, so it is safe for repeated use and tracking of the healing process.

There are over 4000 published studies on the efficacy of lasers for the treatment of pain, inflammation, arthritis, tendonitis, along with nerve regeneration. High intensity laser offers powerful, non-addictive pain management, utilizing photo bio stimulation such as energy transfer to speed up the body’s natural healing processes.

PEMF uses healthy electromagnetic frequencies that assist in recharging the bodies natural battery. Through the days and years, the bodies cells begin to lose charge, mis fire and lose communication with the brain. PEMF resets the bodies positive charge so it can communicate faster with other cells and the brain allowing for more energy, a greater sense of well-being and aid in natural healing.

Nevada Laser Pain Relief is the only provider of pain relief in Northern Nevada that has the technology to improve over all wellness, increase energy, reduce healing time, and provide long term results.

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