Anthony Family Law Are Experienced Child Custody Lawyers That Provide Confidential and Professional Legal Counsel To Achieve a Favorable Outcome for the Child and Client

December 23 21:09 2022
Anthony Family Law has extensive negotiating and litigation experience in all matters of family law, including child custody. It has helped parents in Ontario resolve custody disputes as amicably as possible. The law firm understands that the child’s rights and privileges are paramount and works to secure these.

According to announcements released by Anthony Family Law – Child Custody Lawyers, the law firm realizes that the most significant and emotionally challenging aspect of a divorce is to ensure that the children are taken care of and not exposed to the acrimony and negativity that can often accompany a divorce. 

This law firm’s sensitive child custody attorneys do their best to shield impressionable children from avoidable mental strain.

Child support is a major consideration when debating child custody. Judges keep the child’s well-being above all other considerations when considering questions about the parent with which the child will stay, the frequency of visitations by the other parent, etc. 

Anthony Family Law works hard to present a truthful and favorable version that considers a client’s rights and a child’s well-being.

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A custody battle requires that the necessary court documents be filed on time. Stressed parents are ill-placed to make sense of complicated paperwork and court motions. Anthony Family Law presents court materials to show how a client is better placed to provide a stable and loving environment for a child. It works hard to prepare documents highlighting a client’s position to give the child the best prospects for a healthy present and a promising future.

Aggressive and sympathetic advocacy by Anthony Family Law has enabled it to achieve many successful results. Attorneys from Anthony Family Law meet clients to determine the best possible outcome for the child and client. 

They file paternity suits, child support actions, etc., and negotiate settlements. The attorneys take care of all matters related to parental relocation.

Anthony Family Law said, “Let us begin by letting you know that we understand that a child custody matter is a most urgent and most important challenge in your life. You need experienced family counsel to provide strategic guidance and unflinching advocacy. You’ve come to the right place. We begin every file to resolve family law disputes quickly, fairly, and cost-effectively.

Our firm has several decades of experience in alternative dispute resolution processes, which allows us to critically assess the interpersonal dynamics that play into complex family law matters. We leverage this significant competitive advantage to generate comprehensive and robust solutions that often allow clients to avoid resorting to court. 

Our extensive litigation experience ensures that our clients receive skilled, assertive counsel when court is necessary. We have a significant track record of reported court decisions covering many areas of family law, including decisions related to custody and access, spousal and child support, and division of property.

As the breadth of our litigation experience spans not only family law but also civil litigation, we can pursue traditional civil remedies in family proceedings.

We are frequently retained in high net-worth family disputes involving individuals with complex asset or compensation structures and family disputes with cross-border and international issues.”

About the Firm:

Anthony Family Law provides legal counsel on all matters related to family law. The law firm has a reputation for achieving favorable results for clients efficiently and cost-effectively. The lawyers from this law firm are a reassuring presence for clients already distressed because of family strife.

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