New Book Release Why I Wear It by Davidra Sajna

December 22 18:28 2022

HOUSTON, TEXAS – National Book Release “Why I Wear It. Story of An American Hijabi with Quran Urban Translation by Davidra Sajna and Cyrus Sajna


On Dec 17, 2022 We Globally released “Why I Wear It; Story of an American Hijabi with Quran Urban Translation:

Why I Wear It® The story of an American Hijabi with Quran Urban Translation.  Unlock your true potential as you join us as  we Pinpoint our worship to the Heart of God. This spiritual event is the key to unlocking your true potential. It’s a journey of self discovery that will forever change who you are and who you will become. Why I Wear It is my Journey towards a deeper worship experience with God. It describes what happened once I decided to Pinpoint my worship to the Heart of God.

From The upcoming television series “The Sajna’s which features authors of “Why I wear It” Davidra Sajna and Cyrus Sajna. The series features the Sajna Family and their humanitarian efforts globally while touching on delicate life concerns.

About The Sajna’s

With Humanitarian efforts including an Intercontinental water pipeline across Africa; or building an Orphanage in Texas, the Sajna’s is a television series that features the lives of author Davidra Sajna and her Husband Cyrus Sajna and their children. The series focuses on daily life and personal growth.

Upcoming Milestones:

National Syndication of “The Sajna’s” which features authors Davidra Sajna and Cyrus Sajna and their family. It portrays life and personal growth. It features the milestone of connecting an intercontinental water pipeline across Afric irrigating the Continent of Africa finally.

About the Book and Authors

Why I Wear It.
Journey of An American Hijabi


Forward and Urban Translation by Davidra Sajna & Cyrus Sajna Published by lulu Publishing

United States of America | Dubai

Copyright © 2022 by Davidra Sajna & Cyrus Sajna

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