SportLink Launches Dual-Layer Underwater iPhone Case

December 22 12:52 2022
SportLink Launches Dual-Layer Underwater iPhone Case
waterproof iPhone case

SportLink, a company specialize in iPhone accessories has a new waterproof iPhone case for the iPhone 13 series, and it will be a perfect fit for those who like to go swimming or snorkeling. Many people enjoy the ability to take pictures on their iPhone, whether for personal use or professional purposes. When going underwater, however, this isn’t always possible—whether because of an unexpected dip or a lack of waterproof technology. But the Sportlink company provides a solution that allows the iPhone users to safely use their phone underwater and get the best picture possible.

For starters, their dual-layer Underwater iPhone Case is designed to fit very snugly around the iPhone so that it won’t come loose during a dive, but it’s still easy to take off when the users are ready to go back on land and snap more pictures. The case also allows the phone to float with ease, which means no more splashing around in order to keep the phone afloat. With all of these features, the users can feel confident using their phone while in the water—not just floating on top of it! offers a variety of waterproof cases with IP68 rating for any activity. There are phone cases for running, biking, and even skiing. Each case is made to withstand the rigors of the sport it was designed for.  This online store sells waterproof phone cases that are guaranteed to keep the expensive iPhone safe from water damage under the water’s surface. There are also cases available with armbands that will allow the users to wear their phone while running so they can listen to their favorite tunes or podcasts without having to hold their device the entire time they are on the run. These armband cases come in different sizes that will suit everyone’s iPhone models.

In addition, The Sportlink cellphone waterproof case for iPhone 13 offers a way to protect the smartphone from water damage in the event of an unexpected dive. Underwater iPhones are one of the most popular items currently on the market, and according to recent studies, the waterproof case is expected to be one of the top holiday gifts this year. Its popularity is due to its versatility, as well as its ability to protect the device from a variety of potentially damaging situations. A store representative said, “Whether you’re heading out for a swim or participating in other water-based activities, such as surfing or kayaking, this case will keep your phone safe and dry.” is a fantastic online store for high-quality cell phone cases and accessories. The Underwater iPhone Case is a great example of the company’s commitment to high quality, as it offers an excellent water-tight seal that will preserve your iPhone’s functionality even if you happen to drop it in a pool or a lake. Please visit for more info.

waterproof iPhone case

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