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December 22 16:39 2022
The ultimate guide to achieving work life balance

People have various motivations in life. Some seek success in the workplace while others are happy to live in contentment with their loved ones. Oftentimes, the many people who choose to go after success easily get caught up in the chase, sacrificing their happiness, health, and family. This is why Paula Marie’s new book is a game changer.

Paula Marie is a published author and a passionate speaker focused on the self-help niche. As a recovered workaholic, she knows first-hand how devastating it is to have one’s life revolve solely around career success. This is why she is a strong believer that people should lead a healthy lifestyle with focus on time management and work life balance. Her book holds the secrets to achieve extraordinary living through the use of eight powerful tools.

“Paula’s new book is for those ready to get off the hamster wheel. Those who are depleted from overworking while their lives slip away. Paula’s book and self-help tools and solutions will appeal to the millions of people seeking balance without sacrificing their career goals. Paula Marie teaches individuals to find time to enjoy family, friends, self-care, and intimacy in order to live an exceptional life,” shared one of her avid fans.

Paula Marie also published a Life Planner that works in conjunction with the bookThe planner is focused on eight areas of life that require time and attention to live anexceptional life.

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Paula Marie is a published author, blogger, successful realtor, and passionate speaker. Paula’s mission is to provide powerful tools for managing work/life balance and creating techniques for extraordinary personal growth and development.

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