Author Shani Roffeh Releases Psychological Fiction Novel The Day After: Dare to Be Different

December 06 21:39 2022
Psychological fiction author Shani Roffeh released a new novel, The Day After: Dare to Be Different, on Amazon. The book follows Dr. Noa Pe’er as she undergoes a personal journey searching for answers to the fundamental questions of life.

Based on a true story, The Day After Dare to Be Different by Shani Roffeh delves into the “black swan” psychological theory that says humans cannot assess the likelihood of an event occurring, especially when that event is drastically beyond the normative frameworks, yet it still seems obvious in hindsight. Roffeh takes readers on a journey alongside Dr. Noa Pe’er as she embarks down the road of self-discovery and inner truth. 

“At what point did you discover that you are stronger than everything? At the beginning, during the process, or the day after?” Author Shani Roffeh said.

Attorney Dr. Noa Pe’er underwent a long and harrowing journey to find her true self and completion. Along the way, she was forced to endure physical and mental suffering to understand who and what she was — and to find the strength to stand firm in front of the entire world. Daring to be different and freeing herself from the expectations of others, Noa makes the right choice for herself, despite it being wrong in the eyes of society. 

Overcoming the fight of mind vs. body

In The Day After: Dare to Be Different, Noa felt the staggering weight of fear in her heart throughout her journey and the confusion of her body saying one thing while her heart said another. The internal war left her hollow and drained to the point of mental collapse, but rather than giving in, she rose from the ashes like a phoenix. 

“One defining moment in her acted as a mirror of the suffering she had endured as she detached her past from her body and dressed herself for her new reality,” Roffeh said. “A different character, a different name, and a new life.”

Follow Noa’s journey

Noa’s story will take readers on a journey through a wide range of emotions, intoxicating the senses with her experiences. She possesses a deep well of love for people and an in-depth understanding of others’ psyches, even when they don’t share their worries. Noa turns her own childhood pain and loneliness into an incredible empathy that allows her to help others in significant ways, promising herself she would never leave a soul alone and lost. 

“Some will feel empathy, some will discover themselves through Noa’s story, and some will choose to completely change their lives, thanks to the strength and power they draw from the tale and the courage to follow their hearts without listening to background noises,” Roffeh said. 

Since becoming an attorney, Noa used pro-bono work to keep her promise to herself and help lost souls when she could. She kept it to herself but helped the low-income women who approached her for assistance. She saved many lived and gathered around her a network of people who cherished her kind heart. 


The Day After: Dare to Be Different encourages mental empowerment, wisdom, courage, success, and most of all, the ability to rise up from every fall. Readers will benefit from insights that will resonate for years to come, enhancing their spirits and purpose in life. Roffeh’s other books include The Day After: Walking Bravely into The Unknown, They Discovered A Strength Deep Inside That Set Them Free, and The Day After: The Queen of Legal Chess.

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