Hard Copies of Certified Translations replaced by a new secure technology called Digital Certified Translation

December 06 19:30 2022
Hard Copies of Certified Translations replaced by a new secure technology called Digital Certified Translation

Digital Certified Translation
Universal Translation Services Offers Certified Digital Translation Services, Providing Customers with Secure, Evidence-Based Records of Their Hard Copies for their Certified Translations

The translation company eliminates the need for hard copies by converting them into digital records along with their original stamps, signatures, and more.

Universal Translation Services is pleased to announce the addition of digital translation services for businesses, organizations, and individuals who want to ensure they have a complete and secure record of all their official documents and certified translations. The company makes sure that every document or paper is scanned and converted to a digital format that’s not only accurate but also editable by owners. Plus, they provide the certificate of evidence which lists the proof of Universal Translation Services signer as being a manager in the company that provides the electronic signature. This ensures the document is acceptable for official use.

The best part of this service is that Universal Translation Service offers a QR code on the certificate of evidence where the originally translated document is stored behind a password-protected wall. That document is uneditable, and in case someone has doubt about the originality of the document the users show them or if they think the document is tempered, they can always access that originally translated document via QR code and verify the details.

The service is fully secure and confidential, so no one besides the user who has the login details of the online access page can access documents. What’s more, if someone accesses the files without the user’s knowledge, they’ll be notified via email so they can take necessary actions and ensure protection.

Universal Translation is always striving to offer its clients the best possible service, and the addition of digitally certified translation is a part of these efforts. Now people don’t have to rely on the mailman to deliver sensitive documents; users can keep the original file and send digitally scanned documents to interested parties with a certificate of evidence to ensure credibility and safety.

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