GreatWhip Introduces Flavored 8G N2O Whip Cream Chargers to Their Product Line

December 06 12:50 2022
GreatWhip Introduces Flavored 8G N2O Whip Cream Chargers to Their Product Line
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GreatWhip, a cream chargers pallet manufacturer, has introduced flavored 8G N2O Whip Cream Chargers to their product line. The company says that its patented designs are the only cream charger systems that can deliver consistent, high-quality performance every time.

The 8G N2O canister whipped cream comes in several flavors—original, strawberry, mint, watermelon, grape, and many more—and can be used both for individual desserts like cakes or pies or for larger events like weddings and parties. They’re compatible with any GreatWhip dispenser and most other brands. Each one delivers up to 10 full charges of 8G nitrous oxide cylinders (about 100 servings), which means that you’ll get plenty of use out of just one cylinder before needing to replace it.

“Among all the flavored cream chargers, GreatWhip is one of the most famous manufacturers and suppliers. Our company has been in this field for ten years with a professional team and a pretty good reputation. We provide our customers with high-quality cream chargers and cream charger pallets, which can be used in many kinds of food production.” said a Great Whips representative. “GreatWhip is always focusing on product quality and customer satisfaction. Just now we have introduced a new kind of flavored 8G N2O Whip Cream Chargers which can make your dessert more delicious. If you are interested in it and are looking for nitrous oxide near me, please feel free to contact us.”

The GreatWhip brand combines the best of Western innovation with Eastern manufacturing prowess to produce a line of cream chargers that is unparalleled in both quality and quantity. The company’s state-of-the-art machinery allows them to produce over 40 million pieces per month, ensuring that it can provide enough cream chargers to meet the needs of even the most demanding market. By adding N2O (nitrous oxide) to traditional gas charging technology, GreatWhip cream chargers can be used up to 10 times longer than other brands, but they stay potent and fresh.

GreatWhip products are built with the highest quality materials and engineered to meet the highest standards. We comply with CE, ISO22000, ISO45001, and ISO19001 certifications. They also maintain compliance with TUV and HACCP standards, and all of our products meet FDA requirements as well as GMP certification (a quality assurance standard for medical devices). GreatWhip has over ten years of experience in the field of gas charger manufacturing. The company has become one of the biggest cream charger suppliers in China, and they can supply not only 8G, 580G, and 615G N2O cream chargers but also CO2.

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