SaaS Platform, Goods, Launched To Simplify B2B & B2C Commerce Complexities

December 05 17:12 2022
Its innovative solution is an end-to-end self-serve logistics platform, created to provide e-commerce operators with the tools to make smarter decisions and deliver exceptional customer service

Goods is ushering in a new era of improved efficiency and productivity in e-commerce, with its innovative self-serve logistics platform. Created to simplify the complexities of B2B and B2C commerce, the SaaS company has released an integration-free end-to-end supply chain software, that allows businesses to manage all their logistics needs in one platform, in addition to delivering an exceptional online shopping experience to their customers.

“Ditch the complexity of juggling multiple systems. Goods unify your commerce logistics, giving you real-time visibility across your entire operation so you can make smarter decisions, and give your customers the kind of experience that will make them return for more.”

Ever since online shopping became mainstream, e-commerce businesses have been locked in an intense battle for supremacy with traditional walk-in stores. While the coronavirus pandemic certainly tipped the scales in favor of online shops, the ever-evolving wants and needs of the internet-dependent consumer continue to demand more from brands who wish to succeed in the highly competitive space.

In the early stages, consumers were thrilled with simply being able to order goods off the internet and didn’t mind waiting for days or even weeks before receiving purchased items. But with the increasing speed of digitization and thousands of options on the internet, online brands are being forced to seek out new ways of delivering exceptional internet shopping experiences, if they hope to win the heart of the present-day online shopper.

Through its innovative platform, Goods is eliminating the complexity of juggling multiple systems by making it possible for its clients to unify their commerce logistic needs under one roof. The software presents businesses with real-time visibility across their entire operations, so they can make smarter decisions and deliver exceptional customer service to consumers.

By combining simplicity with advanced enterprise features, Goods is giving complete control and flexibility to e-commerce operators, allowing them to customize workflows to fit their unique needs, manage matrix SKUs and product versions, set inventory and customer attributes, and so much more. The platform transforms manual fulfillment operations into a real-time, agile environment that’s built for speed, invariably leading to faster order fulfillment with fewer errors. Using Goods, e-commerce brands can seamlessly and efficiently automate the order fulfillment components of their business, leaving them with more time and resources to improve other aspects of their operations.

From order management to inventory forecast, pick & pack, billing, inventory control, purchasing, allocation, and shipping, Goods is a comprehensive solution on course to redefine the entire supply chain market. The company’s management team boasts a wealth of global experience with Logistic systems, having worked as  CIO, CTO, Logistic consultants, and system implementors for over 60 years.

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