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December 01 17:33 2022

Amethyst Lion

Idar-Oberstein based stone carver works with any kind of gems – agate, opal, amethyst, beryl, quartz, crystal and so on. According to Michael Peuster, his favorite statement is “Choose a profession that you love, and you do not need to work any more in your life”. The quote belongs to a Chinese philosopher Confucius. Indeed, Michael Peuster has found such profession. Brilliant stone cutter, jeweler and engraver, he has created a stunningly beautiful gallery of exquisite works, that are real masterpieces.Striking realism of carved from gemstone sculptures of animals, birds and portraits is the result of many years of work, excellence and talent

Nephrite Jade sculpture

Nephrite jade sculpture carving .It took nearly two years to finish. I consider this to be probably the most beautiful, unique and daring design for a Medusa ever created. As you know Jade is a very hard stone and will always represent a great challenge for carving it in such detail and complex shapes. When I began this project I thought to myself I wanted to push my limits and create the unimaginable, something people won’t expect, something that will just “wow” you not only for its beauty but because it’s just hard to believe it’s possible for someone to conceive an idea like this and execute it with such grace. This is probably the best Medusa version of all times, sounds like too much but for sure I think it is and it would be a magnificent sculpture for the Museum.

CARVABILITY : Even though jade is tough and harder than many minerals, it’s an ideal carving material. Its texture and durability allow carver to make unusual objects and intricate designs for centuries that do not chip or break.

Jades superiority for ancient cultures to regard as a divine gift from heaven. Ancient people believed that jade is the vehicle of communication with the unseen power of the universe .

There are a total of 27 snakes in Medusa, carefully curated, they are the most poisonous in the World, including Indian Taipan, Black Mamba, King Cobra, Banded Krait, Russell VIper, Saw scaled Viper and Yellow Bellied Sea Snake. The Medusa rests on a natural thick slab of agate quartz.

Nephrite Jade Medusa Sculpture

Dimensions: 60 x 40 x 60 cm

To support these comparisons, the Book of Verse says ,, when i think of a wise man, his merits appear to be like jade”

Unlike gold, the value of jade has not fluctuated, it has only risen

Julia Gogol was born in 1977 in Kyrgyzstan, Bishkek.

Her path as an artist began with a children’s art school.

Then she graduated from the restoration lyceum.

In 2009 she graduated from the Academy of Arts, faculty of sculpture with honors.

In 2013, she studied stone carving at the workshop of Sergei Falkin.

Her very first stone-cutting work was acquired by the Hermitage Museum.

Julia has developed her own unique style in working with stone. She takes images for her works from the depths of the subconscious. Therefore, the artist fell in love with a transparent stone – quartz. It is best suited to bring to light those feelings and experiences that cannot be said in words, cannot be expressed by any other means.

Julia Gogol actively participates in exhibitions and competitions of stone-cutting and jewelry art.

Her works are in the collection of the Hermitage and in private collections in Russia and abroad.

Quartz Sculpture – Ecclesiastes by Julia Gogol

The work “Ecclesiastes” refers the viewer to the image

King Solomon (the authorship of the book under the pseudonym “Ecclesiastes” is attributed to him) – the wisest man who had wealth, human happiness in his life, built a great temple and as a result wrote that all this does not matter, everything is vanity and vexation spirit …

In the Hebrew text, the word vanity sounds like “khevel”, which in the ancient Aramaic language means breath, breath, that is, that which quickly disappears, evaporates – hence the figurative meaning: empty, fruitless occupation.

Inhale – exhale … and now there is no man, only the spirit still hovers for some time over the works of his hands … But everything that is created by man is perishable and is subject to entropy …

Is it worth continuing to do what we are doing?

What really makes sense?

What will remain after us?

Our cities live as long as we are alive. We are alive as long as we keep in touch with nature.

The work is made of pure transparent quartz and carved to give the impression of weightlessness of the stone, as if it would evaporate in just a moment. This is how the smoke melts, along with the illusion of the image that released this smoke of a person who is no longer …

The metal structure that supports the stone raises it to the top of the path traveled – these are all human connections, earthly affairs, achievements. They are still strong enough to support the weight of the idea of existence, but they gradually collapse and turn into a skeleton, a skeleton, reminiscent of the armature of urban structures or power lines.

And yet, an elusive beauty is present in this pessimistic composition. The beauty of fragility, fleetingness. The beauty of being, which can only be seen through Love …

Dragon quartz

When Pavel took a schorl crystal (black tourmaline) in his hands, he saw in it the image of a dragon. He did not want to make an ordinary dragon’s head out of a schorl, and in general to work with a stone, which since ancient times was considered an assistant to witches and sorcerers. But the stone continued to communicate with him and showed pictures of the future composition. It was a unique combination of two magical schorl crystals and rock crystal.Paul liked the idea that the universe showed through the crystal:the head of a dragon, which is part of a butterfly cocoon (quartz), inside of which there is a mask of three faces. As a “gatekeeper to the subconscious”, the central mask has an open mouth in the form of a gate, inside of which there is an insert from the “neophane”, as a symbol of the soul. Neophane has an alexandrite effect: its color is emerald green in the morning and lavender in the evening, as a symbol of the creative development of the soul through love.Pavel describes his state while working with the stone: “It was an internal introspection, the study of your subconscious. In the course of work, I did not feel either time or external space.

The completed Art object in a special box opens up even deeper layers and new facets in union with light.Under different lighting, different images and moods arise: an LED refracted in a quartz crystal exhibits optical illusions, a living candle flame gives the quartz crystal an opalescent glow and enhances the carved images. And each viewer sees individual images. This is the magic of the Light-Plasticity Theatre, which affects the perception of the viewer and does not leave him indifferent.

This composition was attended by: Sherl, Quartz, Neofan, Pavel Danilovtsev, LED, Candlelight and the Universe.


Gemstone sculpture – quartz – gold – Shiva .

Shiva’s role is to destroy the universe in order to re-create it. Hindus believe his powers of destruction and recreation are used even now to destroy the illusions and imperfections of this world, paving the way for beneficial change.

Material : Smoky quartz, nephrite, Mexican obsidian, gold

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