Care Coordination and Management Through Incedo Healthcare Management Platform for Medicare Advantage, Managed Medicaid, and Dual Eligibles

December 01 15:00 2022
InfoMC provides software called “Incedo” for healthcare management. Incedo is a fully integrated care management solution for optimized value-based care. It delivers better care outcomes while saving time and money. The Incedo platform functions standalone or integrated with legacy software.

According to announcements released by InfoMC and JJ Farook, the Incedo healthcare management platform developed by this company offers a comprehensive care coordination solutions. It enables individual-centric care planning by care teams across different disciplines. This leads to the best possible collaborative care management, bringing down costs related to care interventions.

The Incedo care coordination software contributes significantly to improving care outcomes by equipping the care team with tools and workflows that enable custom care plans and the sharing of clinical information and decisions between care team members. Smooth transitions in care are made possible by clear communication. The solution lets care providers address a person’s physical, behavioral, and social health.

Earlier this year, InfoMC was selected as a Preferred Vendor by the Association for Community Affiliated Plans (ACAP) for categories including utilization management and medical management.

The automated workflows and tasks made possible with this software improve efficiency and allow care coordinators to plan according to the unique requirements of members. Shared care plans developed using the Incedo care coordination tools facilitate the easier achievement of care plan goals.

Care teams benefit from the interoperability and two-directional data exchange that the software supports; this results in efficient and timely information sharing of admissions, discharges, and transfers.

JJ Farook of InfoMC said, “As Americans continue to develop multiple conditions, it becomes critical for care to be coordinated across all the providers involved in a patient’s care. By eliminating silos and ensuring that care is synchronized across the patient’s various providers, redundant procedures and tests can be avoided, and healthcare costs can be reduced.  

In short, Care Coordination/Management Technology Solutions is the effort to bridge gaps along the care pathway, ensure the patient’s needs are met, and deliver high-quality health care. 

The care coordination platform involves the entire care team, including the patient receiving care, their care manager, family, community providers, and healthcare professionals, all working together to share information and collaborate for the patient’s good. There are many types of clinical care coordination, with some models optimized for acute conditions, others for chronic disease, and others for patients requiring long-term/post-acute care. The Guided Care model is one of the top coordinated care approaches for individuals with chronic conditions. 

Pioneered by researchers at Johns Hopkins University, this method works by having a specialized registered nurse manage a patient’s care. The nurse develops a care plan in collaboration with primary care physicians and oversees the execution of the plan. Acute injuries and illness can force individuals to seek care outside their network in emergencies. 

This opens the door to miscommunication between out-of-network providers and in-network healthcare professionals once the patient is discharged. Acute care coordination relies on solutions like InfoMC’s care coordination software Incedo to help mitigate risks related to poor communication and lack of collaboration.” 

About the Company:

InfoMC is a cloud-based care management, utilization management, and care coordination solution. The software simplifies administration and lets care members focus more on their work. Patients are the actual beneficiaries of this system because of the whole person, fully integrated care made available to them.

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