LoofaFeet is making showers great again. Now on Kickstarter.

November 23 02:09 2022
LoofaFeet is a unique shower gadget that is innovatively designed to allow easy feet and body scrubbing– without losing balance!

LoofaFeet has recently launched a unique shower gadget on Kickstarter that makes foot scrubbing easier and safer than ever. Titled “LoofaFeet”, the shower gadget also offers a therapeutic massage with scrubbing with its in-built massage ball.

The star of the gadget is its intelligent design that allows the gadget head to bend 90 degrees to where the loofa is faced up, in just a simple twist. Again, with just an easy pull, LoofaFeet can extend up to 34” which is long enough to reach any shower floor. After the loofa reaches the floor, a gentle push can lock the in-built suction cup to the floor, thereby enabling gentle and easy scrub without losing balance.

“Feet scrubbing is often one of the most overlooked parts of our daily shower, and for all the right reasons. It’s no doubt important but we all know how arduous it is to scrub the feet thoroughly while taking a shower. Also, we know about the frequent slip and fall accidents that are common with attempts to scrub feet while in the shower. But, our feet need attention, and that too without the hazards of accidents. This is where our innovative LoofaFeet comes to help”, stated the leading spokesperson from the LoofaFeet team.

“Our shower gadget is strategically designed to reach up to the floor and give you a gentle and thorough scrub- and that too without you having to lose balance. It also comes with a therapeutic massage ball to relax you with a rejuvenating massage with every scrub.”

The loofa is attached to a sturdy aluminum body that is both germ and rust-resistant. Thus, users can store the gadget in the bathroom only. 

It’s to note here that LoofaFeet is further equipped with two soap dispensers where users can keep not one but two types of soaps, as per their choice. 

“LoofaFeet is ‘the’ shower gadget that we all had been waiting for. One of the best aspects of the gadget is that it is able to reach up to those hard-to-reach places that are usually not easy to reach. Added to the feet, it makes back scrubbing a breeze as well. Moreover, the loofa and massage ball is easily detachable and easy to clean. We also assure you a sturdy and durable gadget that will last you for years. As of now, we are looking to start mass production and hence this Kickstarter campaign. Your generous support will enable us to bring LoofaFeet to life and make showers more relaxing and safer than ever.”

To show your support for the campaign, please visit Kickstarter.

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