Cannon Financial Group Guides Clients Through Coordinating Portfolios with Fixed Index Annuities for Baseline Income

November 22 23:09 2022
According to Cannon Financial Group President Charles Cannon, the crucial part of retirement is the five years before leaving the workforce and the first five years after retiring. Cannon teaches clients to diversify investment portfolios, providing one’s necessary baseline income and reducing market fluctuation worries.

Cannon Financial Group (CFG) recognizes that many Americans work their entire lives, looking forward to the day they can retire from the workforce and enjoy their retirement years. However, that milestone often comes with retirees overlooking circumstances that negatively impact their lifelong dreams. 

“Long before that day comes, putting together a plan that incorporates both offensive and defensive positions just makes sense.  At Cannon Financial Group, we have a multitude of financial products and strategies we employ in an effort to address and help minimize the effect of circumstances that have the potential to derail those retirement dreams.  One family of financial products that we utilize effectively in a defensive manner are Annuities.”

“We are not saying you need to put all of your portfolio into annuities,” Cannon said. “But by using approximately one-third to ensure lifetime income to cover your basic needs, you may be able to protect the rest of your portfolio from market downturns.”

Issues affecting Americans’ retirement

CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER TM, Charles Cannon, CFG President, said the industry currently faces four events that can profoundly affect American retirement. Those events are inflation, market volatility, the health of Social Security, and the effects of a recession. 

“At Cannon Financial Group, we give retirees in our community peace of mind,” Cannon said. “With everything going on economically, politically, and globally, our goal is to help clients make smart decisions about their money, mitigate taxes, and create reliable, sustainable inflation-adjusted income that lasts as long as they do.” Mr. Cannon has also established a You Tube channel named Lifetime Income 4 U, that answers many of the questions baby boomers have about retirement, income planning and annuities.

Get the “power of knowing” with Market Guard

CFG utilizes Market Guard, a complete series of model portfolios, to empower clients with the highest profitability and investment success while protecting their assets. Cannon offers clients diverse investment solutions, allowing the protected generation of the necessary income to cover living expenses in retirement. CFG clients are offered the information and guidance they need to make beneficial long-term decisions and protect their portfolios from a market downturn. 

“Use of an annuity allows the rest of your portfolio to be invested in a way that can give you a raise in the future as inflation takes its toll,” Cannon said. “Also, it takes the pressure off of that portfolio if we do sustain a recession so that any market volatility that hit your portfolio has time to recover.”

Disclaimer: Investment Advisory Services offered through Impact Partnership Wealth, LLC, a Registered Investment Advisor. Insurance and Annuities offered through Charles Cannon, NPN #670011.

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