Alka Sharma, Real Estate Mogul, Empowers Women in a Male-Dominated Industry

November 22 21:15 2022
Alka Sharma leads the way in helping women find the best versions of themselves by taking control of their financial futures.

Alka Sharma is revolutionizing the male-dominated industry by helping women become more financially savvy and plan better to attain their financial goals.

Alka, a public speaker and real estate investor, specializes in helping people achieve their financial dreams. Alka hosts a podcast titled “Ask the Experts with Alka,” where she interviews successful entrepreneurs, business leaders, and experts in different fields to share their insights and advice. 

Alka’s goal is to empower people, more importantly, female entrepreneurs, to take control of their finances and create a bright future for themselves. 

“I’m so inspired to share my story and help other women who are struggling in their life to make the best life possible,” she said in an interview. Alka also serves as CEO of Alka Total Fitness, which is making waves in the fitness world by offering a unique style for a healthy lifestyle.

Alka shared that she herself experienced bullying during her childhood, which made her realize the importance of pursuing things and activities that boost self-growth.

“It was absolutely terrible because every day, I would go to school, and I would be bullied in the corridor every time I passed. It was tormenting. They said that I should not tell anybody. That experience remained in my life,” Alka shared. 

Alka’s Total Fitness has helped hundreds of women claim back their lives. Initially, they experience fatigue, lack enthusiasm, and lack energy. However, once the team helps them on their fitness journey, clients enjoy their workouts each day.

Today, Alka’s down-to-earth and relatable approach has helped many people overcome their fears and doubts about investing. Alka’s ultimate goal is to help her listeners build a passive income so they can live a financially free life.

Her three passions include dance, kickboxing, and helping individuals reach their full potential by nurturing them to be passionate about health, fitness, and investing.

Those who want to collaborate with Alka Sharma may send her a direct message. Others who wish to learn more about Alka’s bid to empower women in a male-dominated industry may visit her website and social channels for more information.

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